Monday, May 13, 2024

Two-Step Inn Year 2

We had our 2nd trip to the Two-Step Inn festival in our little town a couple of weeks ago. Once again we had a great time! Great music and great time with friends. I did overserve myself, so I was suffering some early in the following week, but it was totally worth it!

Why yes, overserving myself included shots of fireball. Oy!

The weather forecast wasn't great for Saturday {and we were more excited for Sunday's lineup}, so our plan was to go and if/when it started raining, we would head to our town square to continue hanging with our friends. I really wanted to see Pat Green, and the rain held off until his show ended, yay! I saw him several times in college and always thought he had a great show, and he didn't disappoint this time.

Ready for Pat Green!

And then the rain!

Enjoying food and more drinks at one of our favorite square spots, Tejas.

Susannah and I were both not feeling our best on Sunday. I made it to brunch... barely though!

Getting ready for day 2, ha

Most of our crew on Day 2!

We ran into one of our favorite AmpedUp customers!

And then we ran into another instructor! Love our small-ish town.

The only picture I got with Brent, sigh.

Sunday's performances were great! Ludacris and Turnpike Troubadors being the last 2 shows that we LOVED! Brent skipped Ludacris in favor of Clint Black {whose Killing Time album is Brent's favorite album of all time}, but we met back up for Turnpike.

We had such an amazing weekend, and I hope to keep going in the future.