Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Cousin Time

We got to see both sets of cousins in the last few days, and of course I had to take pictures! My parents kept 5 of #theSwopeSeven Friday night, and we got together Saturday afternoon with all 7 grands to enjoy dinner and family time together.

Drew LOVES Sawyer!!!

Trent was real worried about spit-up {grin}

I think I held Sawyer 75% of the time we were together per usual, and I was in heaven. We had a great time!

Branden, Brent's nephew, bought Girl Scout cookies from us months ago, and we just got together to deliver them. He is the Assistant Manager of a local Marco's Pizza and let the kids make their own pizzas. They had a great time, and we enjoyed a yummy dinner.

Aproned up and ready to go

Branden is always so patient with my kids!
Loved watching him help Paige with her pizza.

Spreading the sauce

Getting it ready!

Lots of cheese required!

Ready to eat, ha!

I am beyond thankful that all our immediate family is close by, love seeing our kids make memories with their cousins.