Thursday, January 11, 2024

Monthly Musings: Ringing in the New Year

 Why start 2024 by being on-time to the Monthly Musings link-up? Let's just continue in my perpetual lateness, shall we? {grin}

1. How do you ring in the New Year?

For at least 5 years we have hung out with our neighborhood peeps and just rotated houses. It is low-key, easy, and the best fun!

New Year's Eve 2020

2. Any special New Year's Eve or New Year's Day traditions?

No real traditions past hanging with our crew on New Year's Eve. New Year's Day is really just a lazy day for us as we wind down from all the celebrations AND gear-up to celebrate Drew the next day!

3. Favorite New Year's Eve memories?

New Year's Eve in Ruidoso was a wonderful memory with our forever friends.

4. Show us some New Year's Eve outfits.

I've gotten really into themed clothes in the last handful of years. I've been about Christmas clothes for a LONG time but have added clothing for a lot more holidays. 

Bought this sweatshirt a few weeks ago {how cute is it?!}
AND how perfectly do my GG sneakers match it?!

New Years Eve 2021 - in a fun t-shirt and champagne earrings!

5. What are you most looking forward to in 2024?

More of the same! I love the little life my family has created here in our little corner of the world {most of the time ha!}, and I'm looking forward to traveling together - Brent and I already have 1 trip planned whoop!, job stability, parenting this crazy trio we have, just normal life. We do have a few things we're discussing that would be big events, so I'll share once we make some decisions!

One thing we've started on is...a living room and playroom makeover! We've been talking about this for over a year, and we bought a new sectional this past weekend. We're working with a designer and a friend who is a lover of all things organization to help us create 2 new spaces. Our goal is just a refresh for the living room {our current sectional is 18 years old} and a layout that fits our house a little better and to have a more functional playroom space for all of the kids - so it needs to be a space for teens, tweens, and elementary school kiddos - a tall ask but one we're excited about.

Color of the new sectional sitting on the old sectional!
Really excited for the direction we are taking in the living room, eek!

6. Asleep by 10pm or ring in the New Year?

Ring it in baby! We have never {in my memory} not rung in the New Year. We've done big parties in the past and those were fun too, but I really love our neighborhood party.

2006 NYE fun at a hotel party!

7. Do you have a word or goals for 2024?

I'm marinating on it currently. A word came to me while in therapy on Friday last week, and I got super excited about it...but need to think about it more ha.

I don't go into the year with a requirement for goals or a word, and if I come up with something, I go with it, and if not, I don't! I am constantly striving to make little changes - usually around organization - to better myself and make life smoother for our family regardless of whether I have 'official' goals.

8. Best self care tips to share in the New Year?

Finding what you love and making it a priority! Self care is different for everybody. So whether it's reading, exercising, massages, whatever... no one will make it a priority for you.

9. Paper planner? Electronic planner? None? Share your favorite brands or apps please.

None! We do have a whiteboard calendar in our kitchen and I use a fun notebook to keep notes for myself but not an official planner. I also use my calendar in Outlook for A LOT.

My trifecta of keeping my life somewhat together...

Brent and I have been toying with the idea of an electronic family calendar but haven't pulled the trigger yet, so we will see!

10. Black-eyed peas on New Year's Day-Yea or Nay?

While we always did this growing up, I think it would be safe to say I haven't had a black-eyed pea in my 20 New Year's Eves with Brent!

Cheers to a great 2024!


Natasha said...

Can't wait to hear more about the "big events"! And clearly I need to get some tips from holiday fashion from you.

Kathryn Bagley said...

Fun traditions! Is that an EC planner I see??