Friday, January 19, 2024

7 Year Comparisons

 I finally had the girls' well checks so stats for them will be coming soon, but I can't NOT document their comparisons! I am still in shock my baby is SEVEN, but seriously how cute are my 3 all at 7?!

Height: 47.5" {50%} 
Weight: 46.5 pounds {34.5%}
BMI: 15 {33%}

Height: 45" {9%}
Weight: 40 pounds {5%}
BMI: 13.89 {12%}

Height: 46.5" {24%}
Weight: 45 pounds {21%}
BMI: 14.6 {29%}

It'll be interesting to see where they all end up - Paige has bounced around from being smaller than Drew to the last few years being bigger, so I think she'll be taller than her 'big' sister, and Paige is definitely catching up to Trent even! I say this every year but genetics fascinate me!!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I see so many similarities between Paige and Drew!

Natasha said...

So fun to compare through the years!