Friday, August 4, 2023

2023 Goals: Midyear Check-in

We are just past halfway through 2023, and I wanted to check-in on the goals I set for the year! I'll show the original goal with comments that I posted in February and then provide an update. Here's hoping I'm doing better than 2021 where I utterly failed at my goals, ha.

1) Flexibility - I have definitely noticed an increase in my flexibility in the last few years as I've increased my participation in Pilates and Yoga. But I'm still not super consistent and would like to work on stretching and flexibility.
Update: This is going well! I feel this is hard to measure, but I am going to Pilates consistently {which I've been doing for years} but have also been doing a bit more Yoga and am definitely noticing some increases in my flexibility. I have a few measurable goals in mind {being able to put my hands flat on the ground in a bent over fold or touching my nose to my knees} that I'm getting closer to, so we'll see how the year ends!

2) Weight Loss - Is it a yearly goal setting post for Allena if she doesn't talk about wanting to lose Paige's baby weight? {grin} Here we are again! BUT I had some good success in the last few months of 2022 and am slowly moving in the right direction.
Update: I started Noom in February 2023 and have lost 20 pounds! The summer has stalled a little - I'm just holding strong in the same 2-3 pounds range, but I'm not mad about that because the summer is HARD for weight loss, so I'm hoping to lose another 10 pounds once the summer fun ends.


1) Time with kids/Brent - I would like to spend more meaningful {dare I say intentional?} time together. As a family - group outings, game nights, as a wife - watching shows together, dates, as a mother - one-on-one dates, conversations.
Update: Meh, I would say this is 'okay' but not as much as I'd like. I even put one-on-one dates on our Summer Bucket List and that hasn't happened either, ugh.

2) Cleaning every day - I want to get the kids more involved in taking responsibility for the house. There are a few things they are responsible for {unloading the dishwasher, unpacking groceries, helping with laundry}, but there is still so much I do. To the point I am angry at the end of the day. And that is just ridiculous when our kids are 13, 10, and 6! Also, I want to take little breaks during the day and do 5 minutes of chores. 
Update: This will always be a work-in-progress, but I'm definitely improving here. I'm even making our bed most days! I am involving the kids in more but not super consistently and would like to up this side of it for sure. I would say I'm achieving this goal but not to the intent with which I meant to be {if that makes sense}.

3) Organizing - Brent is on an organizing kick, and I want to follow suit. Just little things like cleaning out the junk drawer, organizing the coat closet, etc. Tackle a small project each week or a big project over a month.
Update: Eek. This is not going as well as I wanted BUT I organized some drawers in the kitchen and did a big clean-up in the playroom with multiple bags of trash and multiple bags taken to Goodwill {not that you can necessarily tell because the playroom needs a lot more work ha}. We talked about organizing our closet, so I do see that happening soon, but I definitely need to pick-up the pace here!

4) Family Vacation - We had so much fun in 2022 with trips {Ruidoso, Napa, Hilton Head, and Hawaii}, and while we can't repeat that quantity of trips exactly, I do want to make a family trip happen annually.
Update: We had our awesome trip to Arizona just a few weeks ago, yay! And we have 1 last trip next week before back to school!


1) 100 books - I am sticking with my tried and true 100 books/year goal. I really thought about going up this year, but given I want to spend more time with my family, this seemed counterintuitive!
Update: Ahead of pace here, should read closer to 120-130 which is honestly what I've done the last few years.

2) Physical books cleanup - I am going to go through the physical books I have and make a list of at least 10 that I've had for years. By the end of the year, I need to have read them or I'm getting rid of them.
Update: I have been reading more physical books but not necessarily the old ones, so I think that answers what I need to do with some of them - Get rid of them! If by the end of the year, I haven't read them, I want to get rid of them!

3) Goodreads TBR - I want to read my 10 oldest Goodreads books - or delete them if I haven't read them within a year. The are:
    1-Little Women Read 
    2-White Awake
    3-Stamped from the Beginning Currently Reading
    4-We Just Clicked I can't find this one at any of my libraries, and I don't see myself buying it, so we'll have to see what I decide to do
    5-A Gentleman in Moscow [I have a physical copy]
    6-A Hundred Summers Read
    7-The Red Tent [I have a physical copy] Read
    8-Life of Pi Read
    9-The Poisonwood Bible Read
    10-Roots Read
Doing good here!

I would say I'm doing way better than I was in 2021, but I definitely want to improve over the last 5 months of the year...