Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Monthly Musings: Beating the Winter Blues

I don't live in a place that has a true winter. Texas definitely has mild winters, so while it might not be super cold, it has created an intolerance for cold weather, ha! I am not a fan of winter - it's cold, it's gray, it gets dark early - all things that make me grumpy!

1. Something you do for yourself to beat the winter blues?

This probably comes as no surprise to anyone - and honestly brings me joy year-round - but chai lattes make me happy! {grin}

Years ago Starbucks did a Valentine's Day cup, so fun!

2. Something you do for your family to bring joy over the winter?

I am really struggling with this question! I think because I can't stand to be cold, I tend to want to be mostly indoors in the winter, but I know that isn't good for us. Now that we have some solid winter clothes {after our trip to Ruidoso}, we have no excuses for enjoying the outdoors. Now enjoying might be a strong word...but at least finding things to do outdoors, ha.

3. Favorite cozy items or go-to's?

My Ugg slippers are on my feet almost nonstop all winter! Brent got them for me for my 40th birthday - in pink no doubt - and they are just the best.

4. Winter exercise habits or practices?

Nothing different for me since I do 95% of my working out indoors, ha. I do like to go on walks with my neighborhood ladies, and that is very dependent on the weather in the winter - I won't go if I think it's too cold!

5. Do you practice journaling or meditation?

NOPE. I guess my blog could maybe count? But traditional journaling, no.

6. Do you light candles or use essential oils to relax?

Yes, I love essential oils! I run diffusers in both girls' rooms with relaxing oils, and I have several I like to use on myself. I also will take a bath on occasion with Epsom salt and essential oils.

7. Any bedtime rituals you would like to share that promotes quality sleep?

Natural Calm is my FAVORITE for promoting good sleep. I don't know if it was Covid quarantine or turning 40, but my sleep went south in 2020. I struggled to fall asleep and struggled to stay asleep. Calm helps with both of these problems! I drink a tablespoon-ish every day {it won't make you sleepy during the day so you can take it whenever} and my sleep is SO much better.

8. What are your morning habits that help prepare for a good day?

I don't know that I have any? On school days I get up as late as absolutely possible to get the kids ready for school and I rush around all stressed out for the 75 minutes until they are at school, and I'm back at home working. 

9. Favorite way to spend a day off in the winter?

Reading a book curled up on the couch under a blanket with a chai.

10. Favorite winter themed movie?

This is all I could come up with, ha.


Kathryn Bagley said...

I am not a cold weather person at all! I feel like we really only get 2 maybe 2 1/2 months of cold weather.