Tuesday, April 7, 2020

My Apple Watch

I've been saying for a long time that I wanted an Apple Watch. I've WANTED one for a long time. At some point, I decided it would be my reward for finally losing all my baby weight...but here we are...with a 3-year-old 'baby' and no Apple Watch. {grin}

I started thinking that maybe it would help me with losing weight with the Activity trackers built into the watch. I also started looking at other trackers but kept coming back to the Apple Watch. I just wanted one!!!!!

The first week of full-on lockdown, I finally decided to get one. Something fun to have during this gray time, plus I would be supporting the economy, ha. From a cost perspective, these things aren't cheap. BUT Deloitte provides a 'well-being' subsidy, so I knew I'd get 50% paid for, PLUS I decided to buy a used Series 4 {one version behind the latest release} off eBay.

I've had my watch about 10 days now AND I LOVE IT!!!

Hello lovely!

I would say, so far, I'm using the Activity tracker the most. There are multitude of things that are tracked each day, 3 of which are represented by 'rings' - this is when you might hear people talk about 'closing their rings'. The red ring is your active calorie burn - you set your goal based on your activity level. The green ring is your exercise time - a minimum of 30 minutes of activity. And the turquoise ring is your stand time - the goal is to stand at least one minute out of 12 hours. I also watch my total calorie burn and my steps taken - my goal is 10,000 steps. I do really think this is making me a lot more conscious of being active - we'll see if I still like it in a month but right now closing those rings is a definite motivator and is even getting me more active on rest/recovery days. Sunday, for example, I didn't have a planned workout {I had worked out Friday and Saturday}, but I decided to go on a long walk to close my ring ha.

And here's a summary of my rings last week.

Other apps I am using and reasons I'm liking it:

  • In conjunction with the Activity tracking, I like tracking my workouts.
  • There's an ECG app that watched for heart a-fibs - very cool since my mom has had to have 2 ablations for heart irregularities, plus a co-worker told me about this app SAVING HER MOM'S LIFE by calling 911 when she went into a-fib.
  • I like that I get notifications on my phone - I can glance down and see the email isn't important or who the text is from - so I don't feel so tied down to my computer and phone.
  • I did get it with Cellular + GPS {meaning I can be away from my phone and still get notifications}, I just haven't set it up yet ha. So I really think that freedom is going to be awesome!
  • This is silly but truthful - I think it's cute! I got it with a pink band and it's face is rose gold. I want to get a different band - and maybe a few - but right now I just love how it looks!
So that's my splurge purchase {although very reasonable since I got used!} of COVID-19! Am I nuts?!?!


Natasha said...

No, you're not crazy. It sounds like you got an awesome deal and that this will be a great motivator for being active. I don't know that I will ever want one but it's fun to read about what people like about them!

Kathryn Bagley said...

I have the Fitbit versa and I have no idea how to work any of the fun things..ha! I also can't get it to connect to my phone which is annoying!

Emily said...

I got my Apple Watch for Christmas but didn’t activate / pay attention to any of the rings until postpartum (for obvious reasons). I also love the watch for all the reasons you mentioned. Last week was the first week I closed all 3 rings every day for 7 days! It was thrilling!!! I close my stand ring every day without trying (life of a mom). My exercise ring is the next easiest with move being the hardest. Even a short 2 mile run will close both my exercise/move rings but a yoga day will only close my exercise ring which is a bit annoying. Today was the first day in 10 days where I didn’t close my exercise and move rings and it feels sad! I also got cellular + data solely for running. Ive had too many friends get hurt on a run and need to call for help so I’ve always carried my phone just for safety. Now, being able to make calls on the watch, I LOVE not bringing my phone on a run. It’s so freeing. It’s probably my favorite part of the watch. (Also Reading this paragraph, I’m a bit disgusted with my obsession over this expensive materialistic device lol)