Monday, April 27, 2020

Corona Weekend Fun

Our weekends {like everyone else's} consist of constant togetherness and hanging out at home. Here are some fun things we did this weekend!

Saturday is our typical pick-up day. We've gotten into a good routine of picking up and every other Saturday we deep clean. I also do jazzercise and Drew has her zoom tap class.

This past Saturday, though, we decided to tackle Trent's hair. It was out of control long, and I watched a few YouTube tutorials...and we decided to go for it.

See how he has some wave to it? Makes it hard to control.

No turning back now, eek!

I was so nervous, I was physically shaking for a lot of his haircut.

Sides are done. Now it's time to start on the top. Gulp.

We made a GIANT mess in the bathroom, ha!

So much hair!


After!!! I was so pleased with how it came out.
Trent was happy, and even Brent thought I did a good job.
It's not perfectly even, and I need to get the back a little better,
but overall I think I did a pretty darn good job!

In the afternoon, Drew and I went on a 5 MILE bike ride! She is killing it on the bike, and I seriously need to get my own because riding Trent's, which is too small for me, is tough! Brent and Paige went with us on the golf cart, and we had so much fun.

Kind of silly but worth noting, we also taught Drew to tie her shoes {finally}! We've been meaning to do this for a while but all her shoes were slip-ons or velcro so it didn't really matter. Another good thing of this time of slowing down! She picked it up SO much faster than Trent.

I ended Saturday night with my socially distant HH with the neighbor ladies, and we had a blast. It was nice enough for the first few hours to sit in the driveway, I love springtime in Texas!

Sunday we picked up our groceries from curbside, and Brent cleaned off all our patio furniture after the oak pollen FINALLY stopped dropping. He recruited Trent to help him while the girls played in the bounce house/slide/pool thing we bought. It was great because I sat outside and read while they played for literally 3 hours. I might have gotten a little bit of a sunburn. Oops!

Slide fun

A picnic lunch with my amazing culinary skills.
Why does she look like she's 12 and modeling?

 And you can't help but love this little ham!

They brought their Barbies to play with them, SO CUTE.

After I got smart and moved into the shade.
Reading Elizabeth the Queen

Brent grilled hamburgers for dinner, and Drew and I biked a little more. There's a lot that is negative about COVID-19, but I am really enjoying all our family time and am so thankful I have a happy marriage and great kids to share this time with.


Kathryn Bagley said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! And yes that pic of Drew!! watch out :)

Natasha said...

I am so impressed with Trent's haircut. My family is going to look really unkempt when this is all done because I am NOT pulling out the scissors. Except for my bangs :)

I read outside for awhile on Monday and may have gotten a little red in the face. It wasn't all that warm out but the sun was glorious!!!