Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Currently: Love Lockdown

Current Book
Super cute story so far!

Current Song

This is sad, I haven't downloaded anything new in over a month.

Current TV Show

Brent and I are going to start this soon.
We were in 6th grade when this went down - 
not sure who outside of Texas knows about this - 
but I am very interested!

Current Podcast

Finally got back to this, and I love it!
One of my favorite shows, and I love both of these ladies.

I also listened to Jenna Fischer's book this month, and that was great too!

Current Drink

On a work zoom happy hour, my boss mentioned she made her own wine spritzer.
I was intrigued and decided to make my own with my neighborhood ladies.
I mixed Moscato d'Asti with sparking water - and it was AWESOME!

Current Food

Brent has been doing a lot of grilling lately, and I am here for it.
He makes an AMAZING steak!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

I have bought A LOT of clothes this week.
To be fair, Brent gave me money for clothes for Christmas that I haven't spent, everything is on sale, and it's good for the economy!
Plus, I need some new stuff as I'm losing weight, yay!

Current Outfit

Workout clothes - can't stop, won't stop

Current Celebrity Crush

Happy anniversary to these 2! One of the prettiest wedding dresses EVER!

Current Mood

Texas is about to start opening things back up.
We have to find a way to live, but I'm nervous!

Current Anticipation

Brent's birthday is coming up!
And it's a BIG ONE!

Current Wishlist

I'm on the hunt for a bicycle!
Drew is obsessed with riding her bike, and for me to go with her,
I have to ride Trent's bike which is TOO SMALL.
I've found some good options online...but everything is sold out!

Current Film

I haven't even looked at what we could stream, sadness.
I am excited {shockingly} for the new Top Gun: Maverick movie.
I am not a Tom Cruise fan, but this trailer looks great!

Current Picture

We made banana muffins yesterday morning.


Natasha said...

Your bakers are the cutest :) And I am excited about Maverick as well. I totally remember swooning over Tom Cruise in Top Gun as a teenager.

Waco was big news EVERYWHERE! I wasn't a huge news follower at the time and I definitely heard about it a lot.

Kathryn Bagley said...

That last pic is great! I watched a lot of the documentaries on the Waco thing and man that guy was kuhrazy!!! Not sure I could watch a TV series about it! Every time you've mentioned riding Trent's bike I giggle..ha!

Emily said...

I know very little about WACO, but I’ve definitely heard of it. I believe a bunch of children died in the conflict (yes?) so I refuse to watch it. I was thinking of Jenna Fischer the other day; someone mentioned wanting to be an actor and I was thought of her book (which confirmed I NEVER want to work in acting because I like stable income!). I chuckled at your wine spritzer because that’s what I do with crappy wine. We are kind of wine snobs (not in price point but in production quality), so when I get a crappy bottle of wine at a white elephant or as a hostess gift or whatever, I just add sprite to it and it makes it palpable.