Friday, April 17, 2020

Day in the Life: April 14, 2020

Keeping with my goal to do a quarterly DiTL post, I documented this past Tuesday. I never would have imagined it would have been a day where both Brent and I worked from home, and we were responsible for homeschooling Trent and Drew and being preschool for Paige. But what a unique day to be able to document and look back on!

***************Tuesday, April 14, 2020***************

Brent is 39 for 1 more month
Allena is 39 for a little longer than 1 month
Trent is 10 3/4
Drew is 7
Paige is 3

12:07 am - I read just until after midnight. I started The Huntress by Kate Quinn.

Sometime in the middle of the night, Paige came in. I didn't see what time it was, but my Sleep Number app shows I got out of bed around 5:00 am. We now put her on the couch in our room which is helping her not repeatedly waking me up, yay!

One of the perks of quarantine is not having to get up early which I love!

8:22 am - Rise and shine! I woke up several times before this and at some point Paige left the room to wake Drew up to play.

One of the first things I do is strap on my watch!

Follow the trail... Paige has started taking her diaper off and throwing it wherever.
And babies are EVERYWHERE!

8:30 am - Brent is set-up in our office for quarantine, and gets started around 7:30 or 8:00. 

Morning, honey!

And here are the little mess makers!

We were lazy with school work on Monday because they don't have much for this week.
I organized their work and decided on today's assignments.

Got myself logged into all my systems

I start working while the girls play and Trent sleeps. He gets up a little before 9:00, I think mainly because the girls were noisy in the play room.

9:00 am - Listening to an audio book with his breakfast of a turkey burger and apple slices.

9:45 am - Get a return order ready for LOFT. I ordered a handful of spring shirts and they were all too big, yay! Bummer to send them back but so happy my weight loss progress is paying off.

10:00 am - My Jazzercise studio has started doing live workouts on Facebook. It is so great because it's the instructors I love and miss so much.

My workout space ha

You can't really see Allison {the instructor}, but I'm so happy!

10:40 am - Workout done! Sweaty!!!

10:45 am - Back to work and the girls are playing school and packing lunches.

This one starts his lesson for the day.
He needs a haircut or at least to brush his hair!

I also make my coffee for the day, yum!

Paige asks me to sit by her while I work and she plays.

11:00 am - This is NOT normal, but this is my first call of the day, so I move back to the island.

Paige's other Easter present arrived, and she was SO excited!

Werk, werk, werk

No Starbucks selfie for this DiTL {womp, womp}

I'm on back-to-back calls and get done about 12:00 and work on a grocery order. Trying to get it all set-up and be ready to order it at midnight! That's when the new time slots for pick-up and delivery happen. Talk to another co-worker too!

12:50 pm - This peanut is ready for a nap!

1:00 pm - We read books and snuggle, and then I move over to the couch in our room to work until she falls asleep.

1:30 pm - Success!

A close-up because she's just so darn cute!

2:00 pm - Back in the kitchen. Help Drew with school work and get ready for some more meetings. Completely forget to take pictures for the next 3 hours.

2:30 pm - More calls start! Paige wakes up - short nap today!

2:45 pm - While on a call, get zoom connected for Trent to have a 1-on-1 with his teacher.

3:00 pm - Another call! Continue to work while the kids play, do some school, make messes.

5:30 pm - Because this morning's jazzercise class was strength, I want to do some cardio, and there's a HIIT class happening now.

A little yoga before Mom's class starts!

Hi Sam!

5:45 pm - Move out to the garage because it's a cool day, and I'm so hot in the kitchen!

Paige likes to stand right in front of the computer on a stool - 
so she can watch who is teaching!
She hasn't quite figured out this isn't zoom and they can't see her back!

6:05 pm - I cut-out of class a little early because I'm having a zoom HH with some blog friends!!!

Horsey rides around the house - camera was dirty, sorry!

6:30 pm - Brent's parents stop by with a Cinderella dress for Paige!!!!!!!!

6:45 pm - Trent got in trouble earlier in the day for backtalking me and got the iPad taken away. {When will this kid EVER learn?} Brent had wanted to watch a movie with him and Drew tonight, so he cleans his room to still be able to do that.

Shows off how AMAZING his room looks!

Cutie pie!


7:05 pm - After some zoom trouble, get connected to Emily and Natasha! AHHHH! How fun to have a virtual HH with blog friends who live really far away, but you've been 'friends' for years!!!

Trent coming in to bring me some food ha

8:30 pm - My battery is dying so sadly we girls sign off. We had a great time and talked about a million things. It was like picking up a conversation with old friends - can't wait to do it again!

What I found after the call...part 1

Part 2

Part 3...YUM!
Brent friend deer steak and it was AMAZING.

8:45 pm - Bedtime! We're in that weird phase where if she naps, bedtime is terrible, but if she doesn't nap, the afternoons are terrible. I think we are super close to cutting out naps all together.

9:30 pm - After books and snuggling, she is restless and asks to rock with me. It definitely helped settle her down, but I don't like to make a habit of it. I sit in her room while she falls asleep and either read or work.

10:00 pm - I wait to leave until I'm certain she's asleep. Big kids are finishing up Harry and the Hendersons with Brent - they both loved it! He's been showing them 80s movies, and they are having such a blast.

10:30 pm - After the kids deciding they need food, and us telling them no, and them trying to come up with other ways to stall bedtime...they go to bed. I start cleaning up the kitchen.

The house is a wreck - so many random play areas everywhere!

The counter AFTER I make a lot of progress, sigh.

11:00 pm - I am done cleaning up - or I guess done with what I'm going to do - and I go take a shower! Today was day 4 of my hair, so it definitely needed to be washed.

Hello frizzy hair!

12:00 am - I get back onto Walmart's website and get my order submitted for a Sunday pickup. Yay!

12:05 am - I get in bed to read more of The Huntress. Forget to take anymore pictures.

12:30 am - Lights out!!

I really hope the next time I do a Day in the Life post, we aren't still under quarantine, but more than anything I hope we are all safe and healthy, and that wish goes to all of y'all too! Until summer...XO


Natasha said...

Well you know what my favourite part of this day was!!! :) I am excited to do it again!

Also, have we discussed before that Sam and Trent have the same bedding???

And now I'm inspired to do a Quarantine DITL. I haven't done one of those yet.

Kathryn Bagley said...

We should have a zoom call?! I love these posts :)

Emily said...

I didn’t notice the date starting this so I was truly shocked when I got to the end and we were there, lol! Also the naked Paige and iPad picture is my favorite. Cracked me up.