Friday, January 13, 2017

Naming Paige

I shared a while back how we named Trent and Drew and wanted to share our story for how Smoochie became Paige. Brent and I didn't discuss name ideas at all while I was pregnant. We argued and disagreed on Trent and Drew's names, and neither of them got a name until after they were born, so we decided we would just wait until after Smoochie was born to discuss - why fight over 2 sets of names? {grin}

I did keep a running list on my phone of names I liked, but Brent commented a few times that he hadn't given it any thought. So many of our friends were surprised we weren't even discussing it and coming up with a few options for each gender. But I seriously think that would have been impossible for us!

Tess and Shay were my top 2

Because we were trying to leave the hospital after 24 hours, we had pressure to get the kids named. So before Brent got up to the hospital on Thursday morning, he told me to text him my names. When I did, his response was 'I guess I need to start looking up girl names.' #soulcrushed He didn't like any of them!

He then responded with Maya or June. WHAT? It looked like it was going to be another battle.

Brent got to the hospital and a little later my sister came up too. Brent and I both started looking up names and throwing them out and nothing was sticking. Similar to when Patty and David named Blair when I mediated, Patty mediated for us, ha. I was adamant we go with a 1 syllable name, and Brent wasn't complying {Maya} but finally got on board. He threw out Paige, and I instantly liked it and remembered I had it on my list for a little while. I looked it up on the social security site, and it was #140 in 2015! I mentioned always liking Bree but felt Bree Gurley was too rhyme-y but Brent and Patty didn't think so. We also both liked Sam.

So I liked #1 Bree, #2 Paige, and #3 Sam. Brent liked #1 Sam, #2 Paige, and #3 Bree. So we decided to go with Paige!!

Then we all agreed that Noel was cute given Paige was born 4 days before Christmas, but Patty suggested we use the feminized spelling of Noelle, and we were in business. I got butterflies in my stomach and knew we were set!

And that is how Smoochie became Paige Noelle!


Unknown said...

Love her name! I think it's perfect. :-)

Emily said...

Wow I can't imagine the pressure of naming in the hospital but it worked for you guys so that's awesome!

BG said...

Tess.....I saved you from your daughter hating you. You say thank you weird

Karen Peterson said...

I think Paige Noelle is perfect!! It's hilarious that you hadn't even discussed it before she was born.

OleMiss05 said...

Paige Noelle is such a beautiful name!