Monday, January 30, 2017

Life Lately - January

Just a random assortment of pictures from January. You can guess that they largely revolve around Paige!

Trent and Paige look super comfortable, no?

Is it weird if I hope she sucks her thumb? Would make life a lot easier!

Tomato cheeks

Hanging with The Grinch

Celebrating my first trip to the park with all 3 solo!

Drew is such a good big sister - she is always ALWAYS wanting to be with Paige.

Elsa hat!

Not a 'real' smile from Paige but still super cute

Maybe the 3rd bath won't be so terrible?


Daddy and Drew wrestling time

Pops and Paige {LOVE}

Babysitting at its finest - 
This is when Trent, Paige, and I left our house and spent the night at my parents to avoid catching Drew's cold. Except now everyone in our family except Trent has had it.

Sometimes swaddling is the only thing to keep her sh*t together.

Or 'shushing' in the Ergo for LONG stretches of time.

Sometimes I can't get over how big he is.
And then I see that his pj shirt is on backwards.

More Pops love - my dad loves babies!

And Pops loves Drew too!

A tired/getting over a cold/no make-up/dirty hair me and my babies

Enjoying her make-up a little too much

Best big brother

And that's a little peak into what's been happening here lately!