Tuesday, July 26, 2016

San Diego Trip - Part 1

Whew! We are home after our trip to San Diego! I have the greatest in-laws who have taken us on a lot of trips {NYC girls trip, The Flying L 2012, The Flying L 2013 {no pics apparently on the blog, ha}, and Pebble Beach}, and this was another great one.

We left on Wednesday and packed a lot into our 5 days. I'm going to split this into 2 posts because I took a TON of pictures! Today I'm going to focus on our first 2 days: Wednesday - traveling, visiting Hotel del Coronado {the kids first time to see the beach}, getting settled in the amazing house we stayed in, and Thursday - Legoland!


We lucked out and had a direct flight that left mid-day. This was Drew's first flight and the first Trent would remember {he went to San Francisco when I had a work training when he was 4 months old}, and they were both super excited.

Drew sat between me and Papa...and of course had some friends

Trent sat by Brent and Nana

Drew asked about 100 times 'Are we flying yet?' even when we were still on the ground. So cute!

We were very lenient about screen time on the plane, so the flight was very nice, ha. 

Brent and I had 2 suitcases, 2 car seats, carryons, and a set of golf clubs. It was a bit of a challenge to carry everything. We even put the kids to work! {grin}

Our first stop was the Hotel del Coronado! It's such a beautiful facility, close to the airport, right on the beach, so it's a natural first stop. 

The kids went NUTS over the ocean at first. 

We didn't bring their bathing suits down from the car because I really thought they would think the water was too cold. Well, they didn't! So we were very classy and stripped off some of their clothes and let them run around half-dressed.

Then they were completely over the ocean. It was like a switch got flipped. The sand was really the big culprit. We got their clothes changed, bought them ice cream, and met up with everyone else who was having a drink. 

Much happier in dry clothes with ice cream headed his way!

I splurged and had an amazing COKE. The kids were tired and hungry at this point, so the iPhone saved the day.

After hanging out at The Del for a bit, we headed to the house we rented. We unpacked, decided on rooms, and made a grocery list! The dads took the kiddos swimming in the backyard while the women hit the grocery store. Brent's dad had the pleasure of going back to the airport to pickup Brent's nephew whose flight from Maryland was delayed by several hours, ugh.

Shopping carts in California are too small!

We made hamburgers that night and turned in early!


On Thursday, everyone but Brent's dad hit up LegoLand.

Of course it wouldn't be a Gurley trip without some Starbucks!

Thanks for posing for a family pic, Trent!

The other Gurleys

Checking out a cool display

I was looking at stuff with Drew and realized Brent, Janet, and Trent had disappeared. Turns out he was a little overwhelmed with everything, so they went to walk until something caught his fancy. Drew and I made the best of being abandoned!

We went on a little river ride with lots of Lego fairy tale displays.

Olivia and Drew holding hands! So sweet!

Drew loves Lego Friends, so we got to see the girls perform a little.
She was SO excited to take pictures with 'them'.

Lego Friends carousel!

There was a little section called 'Fun Town' that was great for Drew's age. She could have played in here a lot longer, but I was antsy to get my family back together.

Lego jail!

Trying to show appropriate emotion for being in jail {grin}

Miniland USA - lots of models of cities - Vegas, NOLA, NYC, DC, very cool!

And this little girl loved picking up flower pods - she is always collecting nature!

We had to take a picture with Einstein since Trent had dressed up as him during a school program.

While Brent, Nana, and Trent were together, there were a few Lego set purchases.

Trent was posing like Ah-nold.

We finally got back together with our men {and Nana} and enjoyed some water and a snack.

Trent found a place to play XBOX. We all enjoyed the A/C!

Building in the Ninjago section

Hard to see Drew, but I swear she's on this ride with me.

Playing games!

Each of the kids won some stuffed animals {at a million dollars each} and were happy as clams!

At this point, our little ones were done. We connected with Brent's brother and family for a bit, and they were going to stay longer, but we decided to head back to the house.

One more shot with the Lego girls!

My guys-LOVE

A silly family pic!

Both kids fell asleep in the car {and Drew slept for 2 more hours at the house}, but T refuses to admit he fell asleep, ha.

'I just closed my eyes for a little bit.' Sure kid!

When we got home we spent a lot of time in the pool, and when the other Gurleys came back to the house, we made lasagna and had s'mores. Yum!

Enjoying a little screen time before lights out!

And those were our first 2 days in San Diego!


Anonymous said...

FUN!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics! - AP

Kelly said...

So much fun!!!! I was going to text you yesterday to see if you guys were back.

Kathryn Bagley said...

Looks like so much fun!

Karen Peterson said...

You stayed at the Hotel del Coronado?? I'm so jealous! I've been wanting to stay there for years but have never had a good excuse!