Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stats for Seven

It feels weird to call this 'grow baby grow' anymore, since Trent is definitely NOT a baby, but you guys know how I feel about stats! We didn't have a well check this year because he went to the doctor in April for a check-up on his MTHFR meds, so I didn't see the point in a well check, so all these stats were done at home!

Height: 47.5" {50%}
Weight: 46-47 lbs* {34.5%}
BMI: 15 {33%}

*depends on the day, ha

By the Numbers:
Pounds gained: 2-3 pounds
Inches grown: 2.5 inches
Teeth lost: 5
Number of pets gained: 2
Number of pets lost: 1

6 was a GREAT year for our guy!!!

He really found his stride at school and has become an excellent reader. He has some good friends at school which I love. His teacher has told us numerous times how smart he is. I am excited to see how he does in second grade.

His bond with Drew takes my breathe away almost every day. He looks out for her and loves her. I think he's going to be a great big brother to Smoochie too. He already tells me how he wants to take care of Smoochie!

He mastered his bike this year although he doesn't really like to ride it, became a champ swimmer {you guys have seen those videos enough times, huh?}, enjoys gymnastics, loves to wrestle and be tickled and have pillow fights. He still loves Legos but is starting to love the Jurassic World sets...although I doubt this overtakes Star Wars as his ultimate favorite. 

He would still play on electronics all day if we'd let him. He has lots of shows he enjoys on Netflix but has also started playing games on my phone - Boom Beach, Jurassic World, My Monsters to name a few.

He's growing up but still likes to snuggle with me and will hold my hand some - although he refuses to let me kiss him in public especially at school. He is very independent and helpful {when he wants to be}. He showers himself, brushes his teeth, is easy to put to bed, dresses himself {and doesn't care what he wears unlike his opinionated sister}, can fix simple things to eat, get himself all buckled in the car - it's great! We keep telling him he is going to get chores around the house, but it seems to be an empty threat so far, ha.

I remember before I had kids seeing families with older kids and thinking that seemed not nearly as much fun as babies. How wrong I was! This kid gets more fun every year!

And now a walk down memory lane over the last 12 months. I'll try not to let the pregnancy hormones tear me up. {grin}


Anonymous said...

Can't believe he is 7!!!! What a good kid he is! -AP

Kathryn Bagley said...

So grown up in just 1 year!

Melissa said...

Such a handsome guy!