Friday, July 8, 2016

Baby Smoochie - 18 Weeks

I think I need to make a cute graphic to start all my bumpdates. I'll work on that for next time! {grin}

18 weeks - I still don't know how to not look awkward in these pics!

How far along: 18 weeks

Size of baby: Sweet potato, 5.5" long and 5 ozs.

Weight gain: Won't know until my next appointment. Darn. Let's just say a lot! {grin}

Gender: Surprise! Still no desire to find out. I was actually thinking about that moment when the doctor announces 'It's a ...' and I am so excited for that surprise. And daily I flip-flop for what I think the baby is. I'm leaning towards boy right now.

Maternity clothes: About 85%. I have a few shirts that still fit, but it's starting to not look right. I have a few pairs of elastic waisted shorts I like. Other than that, it's all maternity. 

Movement: Sporadic and light. Just flutters a couple of times a day.

Sleep: Hit or miss. Some nights are great and some aren't.

Symptoms: A little bit of sciatica if I'm on my feet too much, general achiness - especially when I wake up, moving slower - nothing crazy.

Cravings: I am drinking hot chocolate every night, so good. Since I am trying to eat better, it's my reward for a good day of eating.

What I miss: I'd say it's still wine, ha. Brent and I are trying to fill the wine rack in the kitchen, so it really hurts to buy 6 bottles of wine at the store every week and know they will gather dust for 5 more months, ha.

Best moment of the week: I think this continues to be when Smoochie deems to move enough for me to feel it. I am ready for some solid kicks and big movement to make me feel really good. I also put on a pair of full panel maternity jeans for the first time Saturday {yes, first time in 3 pregnancies ha} and holy moly, I am in love!

Worst moment of the week: I am still dry heaving every time I brush my teeth and threw up last week. Not sure why this is still happening, but I wish it would go away!

Other random stuff: Bra shopping! I have exploded out of my bras and had to go buy new ones this week. I went up 2 numbers and 2 cup sizes. Did anyone reading this ever watch Designing Women? My sister and I used to watch it with our mom, and I feel like Suzanne when Mary Jo would put Suzanne's bras on her head as a hat!

Belly-button watch: Still about half normal - it just looks really flat instead of being an innie.

My favorite - the bump comparisons!!


the blogivers said...

Yes, I totally used to watch Designing Women! Sadly I don't remember the bra part, but I'm sure I thought it was funny at the time :) glad you and baby are doing well - hopefully the nausea will go away soon!!