Friday, June 26, 2009

Thankful Thursday (Yes, I Know Today is Friday)

I'm going to bore you all to tears with pictures. Yesterday, Patty and Miles came over to play (Apparently Miles wanted to sit on his cousin again - ha). Then, the grandparents got wind of it and came over too. So we had a big ol' party at my casa yesterday. It definitely got my mind off the fact that Baby Boy is choosing to delay his entrance into the world - playing with Miles always makes me smile.

Miles tried out Baby Boy's Jumperoo and seemed to like it.

Patty majorly pissed Miles off (she kept trying to shove boobs in his face...which Uncle Brent commented wouldn't always make him cry - ha), so Babs calmed him down and got him to sleep. She's not trying to suffocate him!

Got the boys to put my glider together!!

Now Miles is trying this out too!
Time to head home...