Monday, June 22, 2009


The bumpers for Baby Boy's room seem to be causing some problems lately...they are made but not quite fitting in the bed right. My FMIL (fabulous mother-in-law) already had to take them apart once...and now they fit but just don't want to cooperate. They are super cute though, don't you think?? Still trying to decide which side to be the 'outside', too.


STACEY said...

I was kinda hoping to get on your blog today & NOT see a post from you…HA!
Yes, the bumpers are very cute! Your FMIL has done an awesome job.

Shanni ♥ said...

Have you popped that baby out yet? I clicked to follow you because I want to know when you have your baby =)

Allena said...

I'm hoping baby comes out tonight!! :)