Sunday, December 21, 2008

What's Happenin', Hot Stuff?

So now that this blog is finally underway, I figured there's lots to share! My December has been totally crazy but so much fun. I guess the most important thing to share goes back further than December...WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! We found out October 23 and had our latest appointment this past Thursday. I've been feeling pretty good, just the typical stuff - total exhaustion and nausea. :) Cute, huh? My sister is expecting as well, and it's a lot of fun going through this together. She's the other baby due date on my side bar, Patty's baby. Here's her 30 week picture (I torture her by taking pictures, but one day she'll be happy I took them).
This month I have been in Raleigh visiting my BFF, Kristen. We didn't take any 'good' pictures, but she got a cute one of me with my favorite puppy (her dog), Mitch. Can you tell he missed me?
Then I went to Orlando for work...the day after I got home from Orlando, Brent and I packed up and flew to Puerto Vallarta with 3 other couples (Ryan and Rhonda, Derek and Dez, and Kelby and Karen). I have way too many fun pictures from there to just post one, so I'll save that for another post. This one is long enough as it is!!


KerrisKorner said...

CONGRATS!!! I had NO idea you were pregnant!! I'm so excited. I'm 34 weeks myself and due Jan. 30th. My sister just had a baby Nov. 13th so we got to be prego together's a fun experience to share. I'm excited for you and brent!

Strutters Always Retreat said...

That's wonderful news Allena. Congratulations to both you and Brent!! I know you guys are super excited.