Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Trip to Puerto Vallarta

We went to Puerto Vallarta for 5 days last week and had an amazing time. We went with 3 other couples: Ryan & Rhonda, Derek & Dez, and Kelby & Karin. Yes, Brent and I quickly figured out our names ruined the 'same letter' naming scheme of the other couples. Our trip consisted of lots of time on the beach (with appropriate and often sunscreen application, so don't worry Mom) and at the pool with lots of free drinks (virgin ones for me, of course) and TONS of delicious food - you gotta love an all-inclusive. We stayed at Dreams and loved every minute of it! It was hard to come home, but knowing that Christmas is around the corner (and I'm not done with my shopping) helped. A few pics below highlight some of the best moments. Enjoy!

Everyone together on the beach, a beautiful sunset, releasing sea turtles, holding a baby monkey, and my sweetie and me before dinner one night. PV, I miss you and can't wait to come back!!