Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas for the Ladies!!

So I am supposed to be working, but I decided to take a break and share the fun dinner my girlfriend, Lauren, threw for a group of ladies on Friday night. We had delicious fondue with bread, apples, veggies (yum) and all sorts of other snacks. More fun than that was just hanging out with some great girls and enjoying the holiday season together.

Action shot of everyone around the table.

Lauren and Sarah enjoying chocolate covered pretzels (with watermelon and blue raspberry sprinkles)!

Now here's a little 'Where's Waldo?' game...with a twist. Can anyone guess which drink is mine? I thought the table was too hilarious with all the wine and my sad little Chai (delicious as it is).
It's so crazy (but in a good way) thinking that this time next year, my baby will be enjoying his or her (I hate calling a baby 'it') first Christmas, I am SO looking forward to that!!