Friday, April 5, 2024

Easter 2024 Recap!

We had a great Easter weekend! We spent the day before Easter at my parents' house with my extended family. We had SO MANY people over there, it was a great turnout! 

My uncle with 3 of his grandkids!

Sawyer had a rough day, and he really needed his Aunt Yena to snuggle him. I babysat him for 7 hours on Thursday, and he didn't cry even one time, but he got himself SO worked up on Saturday!

Taking my aunt duties VERY seriously, ha

The Swope girl grands ready for the egg hunt!

9 of 12 first cousins and spouses

Adding in the aunts and uncles

The next generation! These kids range from 34-in utero, ha!

Sunday morning we went to church with Janet. Paige went early with Nana to do an egg hunt! I came in time for service with the other kiddos.

Ready to hunt AGAIN!

We had a delicious Easter lunch with my in-laws and Brent's brother and his family. I did NOT want to come back to reality on Monday!