Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Currently: Scorching Summer

Current Book

2 nonfiction books {after a lot of rom-coms}!

Current Song

This isn't new, but I love the Elton John~Dua Lipa duet 'Cold Heart'

Current TV Show

A co-worker told me about this, and it looks fascinating.
I love that she watched it because we read Educated 
in our work book club {she lives in India!}.

Current Audiobook/Podcast

I just finished the audiobook of this - INCREDIBLE.

Current Drink

Really trying to focus on my water intake,
and my mom got me these 30 oz. glasses!!

Current Food

Eating this almond cherry salad A LOT lately, it's so good.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

When you see my book review next week...
it's the number of romance novels I read in June! {grin}

Current Outfit

Date night with Brent! I'm trying to show off my super cute new sneaks!!

Current Celebrity Crush

Did you see that Red, White, and Royal Blue is coming to the big screen?
I LOOOOOOOVED this book and can't wait to see it as a movie!

Current Mood

I am so ready for a long weekend!
We are getting 5 days off, I can't wait.
Plus, I have really started enjoying our 4th plans in our little town.

Current Anticipation

How is this guy turning THIRTEEN on Thursday?

Current Wishlist

For it to not be over 100 degrees every day for the rest of the summer.
Our yard looks like it's August, not June!

Current Movie

I'm getting REAL irritated that I still haven't seen Top Gun-Maverick!
Must fix this ASAP!

Current Picture

Drew and I finished the last Harry Potter book!
I love that my big 2 are HP lovers too!!! One more to go. {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

Cute shoes! the office BFF book looks good!!

Emily said...

If you want more 30 oz "glasses" that look like that, I can send you the stash of 30 oz mason jars sitting in my basement from way back when I thought I'd make my own chicken stock (spoiler: I'm not that kind of person).