Friday, June 19, 2020

Five on Friday

Bathing suit winners

I wanted to fill you guys in on the bathing suits I kept out of the 6 I bought.
I ended up keeping 3! 
One from Target and the Athleta and Summersalt ones.
Now my challenge is I think I want one more 'cheap' one to wear when we go on river adventures, ha.
I don't buy any bathing suits for 3 years and then buy 100 in 1 summer.

*And I can't believe I'm sharing these online ha*


I finally found an acne medicine that seems to truly be helping!
I had to switch back to my super unclean face wash because I have been breaking out so bad and my clean BeautyCounter face soap wasn't cutting it.
Things got so bad I was desperate, and a friend showed me EradiKate.
I've used it a handful of times and LOVE it. 
I have no idea if it is clean or not, but I seriously had 3 pimples in a row for over a MONTH and after using this for 3 days, they were GONE.

Trent's bookshelf

I finally found a bookshelf for Trent! I ordered the piping off Amazon,
and I can get the wood from Home Depot.

This picture isn't exactly like his - the pipes are black,
and we'll have 4 columns of pipes due to where the studs are in his walls.
I'm excited to build it {hopefully this weekend} and get his books off the floor!

Black Pearl Bookstore

Y'all know I love to read but mostly read through the library.
I've started buying books occasionally and usually buy from a local indie bookstore.
Well, I found a local, independent, female, Black-owned business and wanted to share!
If you want to support more Black-owned business, check out Black Pearl!

Blackout book challenge

I wanted to encourage everyone to participate in this.
I bought 2 books {from Black Pearl Bookstore!} - one for me and one for Trent.

So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo
Offenders by Jeffrey Craft {Trent read another book by this author and liked it}


Kathryn Bagley said...

I love all your suit choices! Can't wait to see pics of Trent's new bookshelf! I checked out Black Pearl's website and she has a lot of books!

Emily said...

I really love the sommersalt and bikini suits! I’ve seen women of all sizes in the summersalt one at our pool and they all look great, but I just can’t get over the tan lines; they would drive me nuts.