Thursday, February 27, 2020

Life Lately

All the randoms that weren't important enough for their own post, ha!

Peek-a-boo Paige

Our school does a kindness campaign, I love it!

When you were your big sister's ballet recital outfit up to the dance studio

Happy birthday, Bodey!

Nap Part 1

Nap Part 2

I didn't do a good job documenting Valentine's Day this year,
but we did get the kids some cute, little presents.
Although Trent was disappointed his his and I had to get him something else!
*They love this song called It's Raining Tacos so I got him a card game called Tacos vs. Burritos and he was so cute 'Mom, I know this makes me sound really rude and I should be thankful, but I don't want this.' So I got him some Baby Blues comic books instead!* 

When your neighbor's nail lady makes house calls!
Getting a pedicure while on a conference call - perfection.

Congratulations Tom and Jessica!

Still loving her lessons!

Sneaking a picture of his fresh haircut

Will she EVER sleep in her bed?

Selfies at Trent's basketball game 

Curls for church!
Spoiler alert - they all fell out, ha
We're going to try the CHI next time.

I got one braid in and she changed her mind.
Tried to let me keep her hair this way. #nope

I'm so excited it's almost March - bring on spring! I've already seen a few bluebonnets, and I'm getting so excited!