Monday, December 23, 2019

Paige's Frozen 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Paigey turning 3 on Saturday with a Frozen party. She has never seen Frozen but loves the music and has some YouTube videos she likes with Elsa and Anna, and that's enough to have our girl be OBSESSED, so the theme was a no-brainer. It's the first time I've invited a lot of people and even friends from school, and shockingly {given it was 4 days before Christmas} almost everyone was able to come!

Lots of yummy breakfast foods.
And I love that I can see my mom and MIL talking in the background!

My amazingly talented friend made these cookies!
Not only were they SO cute, but they were DELICIOUS.
Local friends, check out Doughmestic Batches {LOVE their name ha}

Paige also loves Pinkalicious, so I made pink cupcakes.

Our little Elsa! LOVE!
Don't you love her Frozen bow too??

She loved being sung too and blowing out her candles.

She wouldn't show me 3 fingers, that stinker!

She loved opening presents and totally understood what was going on.
I love seeing how her little brain works. 
She was so excited when people came in and had a present for her.

See? So excited!
And a total toddler with her dress tucked into her panties ha!

Not a great picture, but the memory was too cute - 
she told me 'Mom, it's me!' when she opened her new Elsa doll.

And of course I snuck a family photo in!
Love my little family.

We had such a great time celebrating Paige.
We love our little caboose more than I thought possible!
Happy birthday, Paigey!!!


Emily said...

Super cute party and those cookies are crazy impressive.

Kathryn Bagley said...

Cute party theme! Looks like fun!!

Natasha said...

This is such a cute party! And those cookies!!! Does your friend ship to Canada?!?!? :)

Also, that IS amazing that almost everyone could come. Schedules this time of year are CRAZY!