Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Christmas Q&A

Is anybody surprised I'm doing a Christmas survey? Or that I stole it from Natasha? And that Emily did it too? I didn't think so!

1. Candy canes. Yes or no?

Nope. I'm not much of a peppermint fan. I do like the soft peppermints and a tiny little smidge of peppermint flavor is okay, but I want nothing to do with an actual candy cane.

2. Christmas morning early riser or sleep in?

The only years I slept in on Christmas were the pre-children years, but even then we slept at my parents' house - which was so silly since back then we literally lived 3 miles away - and my parents would make us get up, ha. 

3. Do you shop on Black Friday? Yes or no?

I have never gone Black Friday shopping in an actual store - the thought actually scares me a little - I think I've seen too many videos of riots in Wal-Mart ha. But I will happily shop the crap out of some online sales!

4. Christmas tree up in November? Yes or no?

For sure! I don't have a definitely timeline - sometimes it's the weekend before Thanksgiving or sometimes after, but it's always up pre-December 1.

We are a fake tree family {because Brent is allergic to nature} which is super convenient HOWEVER we had a bunch of lights out when I plugged in the tree on Saturday, so I was SUPER annoyed and had to go buy some strands of lights Monday, so our tree didn't get finished until Monday night. 


I also bought a fake tree for the playroom this year {on major sale at Target!} and it's so cute!

We do also a small LIVE tree in our front yard. A local boy scout troop sells trees as a fundraiser and a bunch of houses in our neighborhood put them in the front yard and decorate them. It's a lot of fun, but so funny - Brent was working to get the tree straight and literally was breaking out in hives from touching the tree!

Not done decorating it yet but I love this tradition.

5. Do you get holiday ideas from Pinterest? Yes or no?

I think I mainly use Pinterest for party ideas or recipes. I've never looked at Pinterest for holiday ideas ever. I do love a good blog suggestion though - I've stolen plenty of those over the years!

6. Christmas glam or ugly sweater?

Both, depending on the occasion! We did an Ugly Sweater party back in 2007 and think there's a time and place for tacky, but I sure do love dressing up too for holiday parties. Most of our family things are jeans and a nice top though.

Me and Kristen pre-children - don't we look so well-rested?

All dolled-up at Brent's company party last year
Pardon the fact that I look like I have a lazy eye

7. Stocking stuffers: wrapped or unwrapped?

I have NEVER heard of wrapping the stuff that goes IN the stockings, that is just madness!

8. Traditional or modern Christmas songs?

I like a healthy mix of both! I shuffle on Pandora between traditional and modern Christmas carols, so it's really fun to go from Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra to Pentatonix and Michael Buble.

I have done a post for the past 5 years of new songs {a lot of them weren't new, but new to me}!

9. Fruitcake? Yes or no?

I've never eaten fruitcake in my life, but it seems like the majority of the world hates it, so I'm going to guess I wouldn't like it?

10. Is your Christmas shopping finished? Yes or no?

I would say I'm at least 75% of the way done. I start in October buying a few things here and there which helps spread out the expense and the cost. It's only early December, and I'm stressed about what I haven't finished yet, which is ridiculous! Also I haven't wrapped anything ugh.

11. Is there snow in December where you live?

I've never in my life had a White Christmas and have seen snow happen in December once and it was just tiny flurries. I would say every 3-5 years we get some snow that sticks - like maybe an inch - in January.

Big snow in 2007!

12. Classic show: A Charlie Brown Christmas or Rudolph?

They both hold some strong nostalgia in my heart, but if I have to pick, I'd say Charlie Brown - I love that old sad sack.


Natasha said...

1. Brent is allergic to NATURE?!?!? That's so sad :(
2. I want to see the whole alphabet wall in your playroom. That is SO CUTE!!!
3. I love that both you and Emily did this! We are blogging kindred spirits :)
4. How have you never eaten fruitcake?!?!

Emily said...

I cracked up at you guys sleeping at your parents house as grown adults for Christmas. I mean, we slept at grandparents but that's because we lived 4 hours away, not 3 miles. It's cute though and I'm sure your parents loved it. We have a pre-lit fake tree as well but the lights have slowly gone out one at a time each year, and this past year I pre-stocked on lights for the very reason you said. It drives me mad to set it all up then not have enough lights! Also, I think you and I should both travel to Canada and try Natasha's fruitcake because we are clearly missing something

BG said...

Yeah.....hilarious. Baby tree kills man, wife rejoices on blog. While we are killing things, death to ALL Christmas music before like December 20th.

Kathryn Bagley said...

"santa" would wrap some of our stocking stuff..ha! I also don't like peppermint anything really..maybe a small smidge of peppermint flavor in hot chocolate. I've decided to decorate my new place and it's been fun! I have a balcony off my room and put christmas lights around the railing!

Kelly said...

Fruitcake is good. It gets a bad rap but it's not terrible. :)