Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Last Day of School 2017

The kids got out of school May 25 this year. It has been so nice having about 10 days with them before I go back to work. This school year felt really fast at times and really slow at others {trying to get back into the groove after the Winter Break and having Paige was just a little bit tough, ha}, but I seriously can't believe my firstborn is going into 3rd grade and Drew will be in pre-K.

Drew - August 2016

Drew - May 2017

Trent - August 2016

 Trent - May 2017 {refusing to pose for me}

I know I've said it before and will probably talk about it again, but I am so excited that we're staying at our school next year and that Paige will be there too. Superficially one drop-off/pick-up for me is AMAZING, but seriously the baby program is really something special {well you guys know I think Montessori is something special all-around}, and I can't wait to watch Paige grow there. But before that happens, I'm looking forward to enjoying our summer - no alarm clocks, lots of time together, a few small vacations...bring it!


Kathryn Bagley said...

It's amazing how much they change in just 9 short months :)