Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Grow Baby Grow {Paige} - 6 Months!

This little ball of sunshine is 6 months old! Just when I think she can't get any sweeter or cuter...she does! This has been such a great month with Paige - lots of new skills and changes, and she just remains the sweetest baby. LOVE.

Weight: 15 pounds, 11 ounces {50%}
Height: 26 1/4" {50%}
Head circumference: 41 cm {25%}^
Diapers: finishing up size 2 in disposables, size 3 at night, no change on cloth
Clothing: 3-6 months, probably will go up in the next month
Nicknames: Smooch, Paigey, Girlfriend, Little Love
^This is the same measurement as 4 months - I think this nurse measured it a little too low. Curious to see what 9 months is!

*Paige can sit independently! We have entered my absolute favorite baby stage - where a baby can sit up and play without falling over BUT can't go anywhere! She is the earliest of all my kiddos to sit independently.

*But she is my latest to roll over. It took until well into her 6th month for Paige to roll over. She now rolls both ways, but for a long time, we only ever saw her do it in her crib. Just yesterday she did both ways on the floor for me!

*She is officially a thumb sucker, and I LOVE it. She also sucks her tongue sometimes. Typical of a 6-month-old, everything goes in her mouth! She loves to suck on tags!

*I think Paige's favorite sound to make is a growl. Sometimes she growls for HOURS in the middle of the night. It is her 'I'm tired', 'I'm bored', 'I'm unhappy' sound.

*Paige has 2 teeth! I felt the first one {bottom left} on Saturday, June 17 and felt the second on Tuesday, June 20. 

*She has some stranger anxiety but has quickly warmed up to our nanny, Morgan. I love that she reaches for me!

*Like her sister, she loves to eat paper. Unlike her sister, she loves to read. Drew was never very interested in books until about 1 or later.

*She is a breastfeeding champ. We haven't tried food yet, but we will start that soon with baby-led weaning.

*Paige's sleep is decent. She is awake for usually 2 hours between naps which typically results in 2 naps/day, sometimes 3. She goes down usually between 6:30-7:30 and nurses to sleep most of the time for naps and bedtime {which is super easy}. The last few days bedtime has been tough, and she's been up more at night - is it the teeth or a sleep regression? And it's been super tough to get her down at night. She usually nurses to sleep but the last couple of nights it's taken me several attempts to get her down.

*She LOVES her siblings. It is so neat to watch their interactions and see Paige just staring at them as they do things. You can just see the awe in her eyes. 

*Paige is still very wary of water, but we've made some significant progress with the pool! We still either have her in the shower with us or I will bathe with her. She SCREAMS if you make her bathe independently. BUT we have taken her to the pool several times, and she seems to like it. She still never smiles, but she loves to splash the water.

*We also made a lot of progress in the car - she doesn't cry anymore in the car which is AMAZING!

We get comments all the time about how sweet Paige is. I can't really explain it - she is just happy and content most of the time. I am so glad that I never gave up convincing Brent for another baby, Paige is just pure joy, and I'm so, so, so thankful she is ours! Happy 6 months, Smooch!