Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day in the Life: April 16, 2017

I was really excited when Julia announced this round of DiTL because I knew Easter Sunday was going to be a really special day, so it's what I picked to document. It's our first time at church since Paige was born and our last visit EVER to Brent's childhood home! Also, I think this is the most pictures Brent has been in for a DiTL post since he hates them so much, ha.

**********Sunday, April 16, 2017**********

Brent is 36 {for another month}
Allena is 36
Trent is 7.75
Drew is 4.25
Paige is 5 days shy of 4 months

Saturday night I went to bed at 9:30. Paige is in the middle of a sleep regression, and I need all the sleep I can get right now. She woke for the first time at 11:00-something and then not again until 2:30. I was super excited that she did so good...until it took me until 5:00 AM to get her back to sleep. I nursed her 6 times {she wanted to nurse, nurse, nurse}, she spit up so much {from over nursing} I had to change my shirt twice, I rocked her, I swayed, I did everything I knew to do...finally at 5:00 I gave her a paci {which we normally don't give her at night because she can't keep it in her mouth} and that did the trick!

6:00 AM - Have to go put the paci back in. Brent came to bed sometime between 5:00 and 6:00 after sleeping on the couch most of the night. I think he fell asleep with the TV on because during my saga with Paige I noticed light coming under our door but then it went away sometime around 4:00, ha.

7:20 AM - Drew comes into our room with 2 squirty fruits. I put a pillow between Brent and me and let her climb in. I tell her to be quiet because I am so tired still! She eats her pouches and snuggles up to me, sweet girl.

8:00 AM - Paige is awake! Drew and I go into the living room.

8:05 AM - Trent comes into the living room and wants to go to the park to catch Pokemon. We downloaded Pokemon Go the day before at my parents' house, and he is obsessed. He went to the park by their house 5 times! We negotiate a quick trip, and I put on a bra and shorts and give Paige to Brent. Drew is supposed to stay too since she's just in her panties, but she starts crying in the garage, so I let her climb into Brent's truck too. I was going to take the golf cart but Brent was in the middle of the driveway, and I didn't trust myself to get the cart out safely!

8:10 AM - We're back! Trent argues about a) going to church because it's soooo boring and b) taking a shower. I remind him I JUST took him to the park, and he obliges. Drew and I go take a bath together {She asked me Saturday night if we could take a bath}.

8:20 AM - Out of the bath, wash my face {and remember I wanted to document today for my DiTL and dang it have only taken 1 picture!}. Paige is fussy. Duh, even though I nursed her 82 times last night, she now hasn't eaten in over 3 hours! Nurse her.

8:30 AM - Get Drew and Paige in their Easter dresses. Trying to hurry because I know church will be SUPER crowded today. Plan was to leave at 9:10 for our 10:00 service.

8:40 AM - Trent wants to show me his favorite Pokemon. Love this kid!

8:50 - I get dressed. Try on 3 shirts before I find 1 that I don't feel like a cow in.

9:00 AM - Take pictures of the kids because they are ADORABLE. I had a major #momfail and got them exactly ZERO Easter presents. They didn't seem to notice, but I felt so bad. I didn't even get Paige an Easter basket this year!

9:10 AM - Get in the car and head out! I fix my make-up in the car. Paige fusses some {she still hates the car seat most of the time} even though I have the windows down. Keeping the windows down is the only thing that keeps her happy more often than not. Keep the windows down on the highway even though the wind is blowing like crazy and no one can hear. Trent asks me to roll up the windows after about 15 minutes because Paige is quiet. As soon as I do, she starts fussing, so down they go again. Trent says he's cold {it's 72 degrees} and mad that I made him put on shorts instead of sweatpants - whatever kid.

9:30 AM - Get to church! 

Since we are 30 minutes early, I tell Trent he can catch Pokemon until church starts. My mom takes Paige around to show her off. This is our first time at church since Paige was born - partially to avoid flu season and partially because of postpartum. I've been up at church for Trent's Religious Education classes some {he's having his First Communion in May - I'm so excited!}.

9:45 AM - Take Paige into a classroom to see if she'll nurse before Mass starts. She nurses a tiny bit.

10:00 AM - Church begins. I put Paige in the Ergo and she konks out. Great service with amazing music - I was so happy to be back. 2 funny things I want to remember - 1) I was standing to the side for a little while to make sure Paige was good and asleep and when I went back to our seats, Trent is on my phone. What? I make him put it away and look at my mom and she says 'I'm just the grandma.' 2) Right before communion, Drew asks to go to the bathroom. While we're in there she is dawdling, so I ask her to hurry so we don't miss communion, and she asks for some and I tell her when she's in 2nd grade, so she tells me that she won't be my friend, won't play with me, and doesn't love God. Okay kid!

11:10 AM - Church ends. I'm pleasantly surprised we end only 10 minutes 'late'. Drew wants to help Mom clean up, and Trent wants to catch Pokemon, which is fine with me since the parking lot is packed, and I want to let Paige sleep.

11:30 AM - I wake Paige up because Dad is bugging me that he wants to hold her.

11:45 AM - We head out, and I decide I want Starbucks!

11:50 AM - Get Starbucks - Paige is quiet until we pull out of Starbucks and fusses on and off the whole way home - even with the windows down. Makes me heart hurt.

12:10 PM - Once we're close to home, Trent hops out of his seat and talks to Paige and calms her down. He is the best big brother!

12:15 PM - Once again I realize Paige hasn't eaten in a long time, so I go to nurse her and find a blowout! Trent is mad we don't have time to go to the park AGAIN, and Drew takes my phone to take pictures around the house.

Her first selfie, ha!

12:30 PM - Load up in Brent's truck to head to his parents' house.

12:40 PM - We're off! And shocker - Paige cries!

1:15 PM - Get to Brent's parents. This is their last day in their house {they move into an apartment Monday as they are building a house just a few miles from us!!}, so it's nice to get to all be together and celebrate Easter before they move. They have lived here since 1983!

Very empty house!

Celebratory champagne

Paige is the star of the show

1:30 PM - I force Brent to take a family picture. It's only our second as a family of 5, boo. 

1:45 PM - Paige goes in the Ergo for a nap, and everyone eats and visits.

Chicken taco, Mexican rice, chips & queso = YUM!

 2:45 PM - Drew and I go play in the backyard. I finish my chai {yum!}. We play catch, and she hides the ball and makes me hunt for it.

I think it's tradition in most of my DiTL posts to take a Chai selfie!

 3:00 PM - We get the original 4 Gurleys outside to take a picture. Goodbye Carshalton!

 3:15 PM - Trent wants to go hunt for Pokemon, so Trent, Drew, Olivia {cousin}, Janet, and me {with Paige of course} go for a walk. Drew picks rain lilies to make a bouquet for her nana.

 3:45 PM - I wake Paige up. We nurse.

4:00 PM - Kids open their Easter presents, and the confetti egg fights begin!!!

Drew was nervous about the eggs so she practiced stepping on them.


5:15 PM - Change Paige's diaper and nurse again. She hasn't nursed as much as normal and I am full and leaking! We decide to head home at 5:30 with the hopes that Paige will take her last nap of the day in the car.

Farewell house!

5:50 PM - Leave! Paige doesn't nap and decides to cry on and off the whole way home. That's 4/4 trips today where she cried. I am ready for her to get used to the car seat! The big kids drive us crazy on the way home. At one point, Trent starts saying 'Celebrate good times, come on!'

6:25 PM - Get home. Get Drew into her pajamas while Brent gets all the leftovers and presents out from his parents. We agree to let her watch the last half of a Peppa Pig episode and then to bed. Trent negotiates a quick trip to the park to look for Pokemon. Paige is SUPER fussy since she didn't nap and has now been up for 3 hours.

My 2 girls and my 2 chins

6:50 PM - Sit outside with Paige to keep her calm. Brent gets back with Trent and puts Drew to bed.

7:00 PM - I swaddle Paige, and we go into the closet to nurse. I have her down at 7:50.

8:00 PM - Make a new batch of cranberry tea. Yum. Also start working on this post.

8:30 PM - Help Trent download a new book. He wants something spooky, so we settle on Goosebumps. He goes to listen in bed.

8:45 PM - I pump for the first time in 2 weeks - ever since Paige's sleep regression I haven't pumped since I haven't known how many times I'd nurse her!

9:00 PM - Take Drew to potty because I didn't make her go before bed and take pictures of both of my babies. Trent isn't asleep technically - just snuggled up listening.

Peruse IG while I drink my tea.

9:10 PM - Take Trent's Kindle away so he'll go to sleep.

9:20 PM - Go to get into bed but a cricket is being CRAZY loud outside our room, so I go outside and spray hose water where I think it is. Thankfully it shuts up. I get in bed and read {Montana Sky by Nora Roberts}.

9:46 PM - Lights out!

10:10 PM - Paige fusses. I go and shush her and she settles back down.

11:00 PM - Paige fusses. I go and nurse her.


And that was our Easter Sunday!


Kathryn Bagley said...

What a busy Easter sunday! Paige was wore out!

Erika said...

Such a fun day!! Although my favorite part was definitely "won't be my friend, won't play with me, and doesn't love God." I mean...dang, girl. Can't you just sneak her up to communion??! Hahahaahaha!!!

Lisa said...

Popping over from Julia's DITL roundup!

My daughter is two months behind your Paige, so this was interesting for me to read what's ahead for me (sleep regression - eeesh). Your kids are adorable! And Pokémon...it really is an obsession, isn't it?