Friday, April 28, 2017

April Life Lately

Time for the end of month roundup of all the randomness I didn't have a post for earlier! And this is 90% Paige, so if you don't like adorable babies...come back next week. {grin}

P has not been interest yet in the jumperoo. She just kind of sits in it confused.
I also saw it called #circleofneglect on social media - that cracked me up.

Dying over head wraps - these weren't in when Drew was little.

Sisters 'working out'

I love Drew's fashion sense - she dressed both herself and Paige.

I CANNOT get enough of this sweetness.

We need to talk about her inappropriate hand gestures. No hook 'ems, Paige!

Should I just call this post 'Lots of sleeping Paige pics'?

Gig 'em! That's my girl!!!

He really is the best big brother in the world.

Trent the Tattoo Artist

Trying to figure out her eye color...

I mean for real...she kills me.

Organizing eggs by color before our egg hunt at my parents' house.
Where I took approximately ZERO pictures.

She loves this monkey!

Crazy eyes because WE CAN HIP CARRY!!! Game changer!

We have entered the 'everything in the mouth' stage.

Grabbing feet!!!

Matching the puppy's pigtails

We had lunch on our town square - me, Brent, 2 friends, and Paige.
She sat in our laps and just looked around and loved it.

Doing a Star Wars play. Love this kid.

We tried the Merlin...she wasn't ready. Womp, womp.

If you're wondering why there aren't more pictures of Trent, this is why. Sigh.

We moved Paige into her room for bedtime!
She still naps on me during the day...but hey, baby steps!

Side ponytail!

Hanging out with Rhett...her future hubby.

Eating feet!!!

Here's hoping May is just as awesome!


Emily said...

The side carry is a game changer!!!! Like "oh hey, we can be functional now without a baby wrap!"

Kathryn Bagley said...

I love how P was so into the book Trent was reading her! So cute!