Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: My Personal Style

Linking up today for another Show & Tell Tuesday. Today's topic: My personal style. 

There are a few outfit staples I have, and I think the below pictures validate these statements. {Once an auditor...gotta provide my audit evidence!} I wish I did a better job most of the time {it's so hard to want to dress better than yoga pants when I work from home}, but for the most part, I like my style!
  • I love dresses. Especially cotton dresses or Target dresses that magically don't wrinkle.
  • I love t-shirts with maxi skirts. #1 - cotton, #2 - kind of dresses up wearing a t-shirt {or so I say}
  • I love sweaters. Especially long sweaters when I wear jeans {I don't love my thighs.}
  • Flip flops are my fave summer shoes, but in winter, I am often sporting my riding boots.
  • Dresses are never out of season - just pair with tights or leggings {and my trusty riding boots}.
  • You won't catch me in pastels very often {they wash out my pasty skin}.

Dress - check. Flip flops - check. Sweater - check.

T-shirt w/ skinny jeans, thighs camouflaged with a long sweater and flip flops!

Dress with leggings

Dress with tights, riding boots, AND sweater!

Riding boots and a scarf {my other go-to layer}

Different day, same style - sweater dress, leggings, riding boots!

Cotton dress

Maxi skirt with a t-shirt
{This picture is from June 2015. I wore this outfit to church on Sunday, ha}

What's better than a maxi skirt? A maxi dress of course! And with a sweater!

T-shirt, maxi skirt, flip flops {this picture is 2 years old and I still wear this one regularly}

So there you go! A look into what I think looks cute on me. Hopefully you agree!


Kathryn Bagley said...

I agree! I love a good maxi also!