Sunday, May 15, 2016

A K Squared Bridal Shower

I have 2 cousins {a brother and sister} who are getting married 3 weeks apart this summer. They are both teachers and coaches, so they have a tight window hence the closeness of the weddings. Well, my family decided to throw a double shower for the brides, Kayla and Kristen {now the post title makes sense, ha}, today! We had the shower at my house, and I think it turned out so nice!

Drink station

 Food and family


 Silly cousins who waited for SO LONG to get cupcakes!
{This is not the outfit Drew started out wearing for the shower}

My mom and her sisters

Bride #1 - Kayla

Bride #2 - Kristen {marrying my cousin, Ryan}

All the hostesses and a bad flash on the TV!

I love that my family still loves to get together and that we have fun together! Can't wait to celebrate both these couples again in June and July!


Anonymous said...

I love how often Drew has wardrobe changes!!! House looks great! - AP