Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good News...Bad News...

Good news...I got a new point and shoot camera.
Bad news...It is plugged into my laptop and the pictures aren't loading.

Good news...All my flying has given me enough points for a free flight.
Bad news...Brent wants to use those points to go to Vegas for a guys weekend.

Good news...Trent has been super cute lately.
Bad news...Proof of this is on said new camera.

Good news...It's January 10 meaning my least favorite month is 1/3 over.
Bad news...I have 5 deadlines before the end of the month.

Good news...I took a tour of TX airports today.  Austin, Houston, Midland, and Dallas.
Bad news...Oh wait, I didn't want to see 4 airports today.

Good news...I've lost a pound.
Bad news...I have lost this pound more times than I can count.

Ugh.  I'm a ball of sunshine today, huh?


Meg said...

Keep focused on your good "good news" :) Most of your bad news will hopefully go away (except for the whole 4 airport thing, yikes)!!

Kelly said...

Hang in there girl!

KristenW said...

On a good note.. your post was funny, and I enjoyed reading it! Not too much longer! Love you:)

Karen M. Peterson said...

I hope the week got better for you and that you figured out that camera issue!