Friday, March 29, 2024

Good Times

I've been meaning to share about last weekend for a while - well, I guess all week, ha. We had so many fun things that it felt like it deserved a post of its own!

Friday night we went out for Rhonda's birthday. We had about 12 people at dinner and then made our way to a nearby bar where 6 of us made it into the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The birthday girl, me, Dez!

Can't miss a chance to snap all our Aggie rings
{especially since I don't wear mine often}

Our hubbies

I told Brent a few weeks before that I HAD TO BE home in bed by midnight because I had a big Saturday. Then at 12:30 AM I could be heard saying 'Get me another drink!' At 8:00 the next morning I was really regretting my life choices of the day before. {grin}

Saturday morning, Paige and her Girl Scout troop went to Build-A-Bear to make Girl Scout bears as their reward for a successful cookie season!

Loving on her Axolotl's heart 
{the Girl Scout cookie season mascot for this year}

All of their troop!

Then we rushed to get my mom and Drew to head to WICKED!!! When Drew and I went last summer, Paige was very upset to be left out of the fun, so of course I had to get us all tickets when it came to Austin! 

Only my 5th time to see it!

2 very excited Gurley girls!

And Kristen came - her first time to see it, and she LOVED it!!

When I got home Saturday night {we also went to dinner afterwards}, I was exhausted! We had a super fun weekend, but it was nice to rest on Sunday!


Natasha said...

You've seen WICKED FIVE times?!?!?!? Jealous!!! And now I feel less bad about wanting to see it in Toronto this year!