Friday, December 2, 2022

Snorkel Cruise

I finally got our snorkeling cruise pictures downloaded, and there were so many amazing ones I definitely wanted to have them documented. The cruise was supposed to involve a few 'drops' aiming to see dolphins and turtles. We ended up seeing dolphins on our first drop, but then the crew found pilot whales so we followed them for another 2 drops - SO COOL! Then our last drop was for sea turtles and fish, also very cool. Paige was very wary of the water, and she only went in the last time and only stayed in the water a few minutes. I think Trent and I had the most fun, he LOVED snorkeling!

Getting ready to board our boat - it never got old seeing mountains!

What a stunning view!

Dolphins! How cool!

Our boat


At one point we saw 5 whales - 2 mamas with babies and another whale. They were swimming right below us, it was so wild!

Real tired of Drew's faces, sigh

Loved that the photographer got great pictures of Trent in the water!

It me!

My baby!

We got a traditional Hawaiian lunch - steamed rice, cole slaw, purple sweet potatoes, and pulled pork all together - it was SO good!

We had a really amazing adventure, one that we'll never forget!


Kathryn Bagley said...

SO PRETTY!!!! Omg how amazing! I love Drew's faces..ha! That one pic of Trent by himself is perfect-super cute

Emily said...

SO FUN! What an amazing experience and how lucky you guys are to see the whales!