Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Book Clubiversary

Y'all know I love books and my book clubs. I also love traditions, celebrations, and dessert. Well, I realized this summer that my OG book club had our first meeting in August 2011 and we met this summer in August, so I decided we needed to celebrate 10 years as a book club!

Susie got onboard with the plan {she was hosting} and made a dessert for us. I got candles and we had fun celebrating together!

We've had people join and leave over the years, but 5 of the original girls are still with us and we have so much fun together. We've read 45 books, consumed countless bottles of wine, eaten lots of food, and had too many laughs!

One of my favorite things we do is our annual holiday gift exchange and dinner at Maggiano's, and I'm planning that now for this year. {By planning I mean getting a reservation ha!} I think this is our 6th year to go - see I didn't lie about loving traditions!

Here's to a lot more years of laughs, food, and ESPECIALLY books!


Kathryn Bagley said...

How fun!!

Emily said...

For our 10th anniversary bookclub, we should book a trip to London together. :)