Friday, October 9, 2020

Drew's First Stitch Fix

 I hadn't had a fix from Stitch Fix in YEARS {fix #1 here and fix #2 here}, but one of my closest friends, Susie, has worked for the company for a couple of years, and I decided to have her send me a fix, and then I got a wild hair and had her do one for Drew too {she does women and kids}. I will share my fix soon {spoiler alert: it was great!}, but I wanted to share Drew's now!

What's different about a kid's fix vs. an adult is kids get 10 items instead of 5. The same discount applies if you buy all the items - you get 25% off. I did find that the kid prices were a little more reasonable than the adult pricing - I find the adult clothing to be a little pricier than I normally like to pay.

Drew told Susie she wanted sequins, and Susie knows how picky Drew can be, so she was super stressed about finding pieces for her. When we got her fix, Drew wanted to do a fashion show with her own posing for everything, but her hair is a mess, so I think she looks like a very tousled, very cute model haha.

First up, a cute unicorn dress. How cute is this? It's a keeper!

Then she tried on this adorable cat sequin sweater that was so soft and these cute flower leggings. I was really impressed with all of the quality.

Her favorite outfit BY FAR was this sequin star shirt and star jeggings. She has worn this combo 3 times {including twice to school} in the couple of weeks we've had the clothes!

Drew loves layers so this cardigan was perfect. It's cute, cozy, very soft, and a great choice for Texas winters. 

I love this top, and it matches with these tie-dye shorts AND the flower leggings really well.

Drew loved the back!

There was 1 dress that was the same size as everything else, but it was TINY. Luckily, I have another tiny person in my house, and Paige was so excited to get an outfit too!

The only thing Drew didn't like was a pair of flower slip-on sneakers {like Ked's} - I thought they were ADORABLE. We kept them anyway because it was cheaper to get the discount and keep the shoes, plus I think Paige will happily wear them in a few years!

And with that, we had Drew's first fix from Stitch Fix!! It was definitely a winner!


Natasha said...

Those clothes are CUTE! Rachel would love all of them!

Kathryn Bagley said...

How fun! I LOVE new clothes :) a little too much i think..ha!

Erika said...

Oh, so fun!!! All of that is Millie's style too!! What was the price range on the girl clothes, generally?

Emily said...

I had no idea they branched into kid's clothes! What's the price range? I am so damn cheap about my kids clothes because they generally destroy them. I have a few expensive pieces (mostly winter gear, of course lol, but a few dress-up shirts too) but most is dirt cheap t-shirts and Target pants.