Thursday, September 26, 2019

Currently: WHY IS IT STILL SO HOT?!?!

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Current Song

The video upload feature isn't working, sigh.
But Trent and I are jamming hard to Lizzo, Truth Hurts lately!
Of course when he's in the car, he gets the clean version.


Current TV Show

I actually have some new shows I'm interested in!
We'll see if I actually watch TV?? 
I seem to read more and more and watch less and less...

Current Podcast

I just finished this one and it was interesting - and NOT true crime!
It was about a man who had been on a ventilator for over 15 years after a car accident and no one knew his name or who he was and the reporter who discovered who he was. Very interesting but also a bit sad.

Current Drink

Just finished a yummy Nespresso.

Current Food

I had a Chipotle salad for lunch, it's top of my list lately guys!

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

The Arnold Palmer I had with said salad.
And the double rice in the salad. {grin}

Current Outfit

I jazzercised it this morning and wanted to show-off the cute twisted back of my tank.
{Ignore my slight fat roll - ugh. And excision bandaging.}
And also you can barely see my sports bra but it's the same green as in my pants.

Current Mood

I took the kids swimming today.
SWIMMING. It's almost October and 96 degrees.
I'm bitter, I'm angry, I'm sad, I'm disgusted.

Current Anticipation

I've started seeing flyers for fall festivals!
And we got our pumpkins out!
I am here for ALL OF IT!

Current Wishlist

We are taking family pictures in a few weeks.
We need outfits!!!

Current Film

I have seen 4 movies in the last 4 weeks!
I don't even know what else is in theaters right now,
but I think Allison and I need to start investigating Oscar nominees, eeeek!

Current Picture


Kathryn Bagley said...

We are reading A Man called Ova in BC..I feel like it's probably something you've read or would enjoy if you haven't. I find myself chuckling a lot while listening. So jelly you got to go to the pool!! You know I'm alllll about the summer (and tans). Also CUTE workout outfit :)

Natasha said...

That Fall meme -- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Supposedly we're supposed to get record highs next week. I wish our pool was still open.

Also I have three shows I want to watch (on DVD from the library) and 30 books checked out so I totally get the reading versus watching debate.

And I just thought about our family pictures for the first time yesterday... I have to find a photographer first though.

StephTheBookworm said...

I am so over this heat when it's supposed to be fall! Come on, now!
I JUST started listening to podcasts, so I just added Room 20 to my list. Thank you!
LOVE that witch shirt.

Emily said...

YES TO THE FALL MEME! We are creeping near 80s which is unacceptable up here this time of year. It also means the big fat black spiders from last year are coming in strong and so I’m BEGGING the first frost to show up soon!

Erika said...

SUPER CUTE workout outfit!! And I'm with you being SUPER OVER the hot summer weather. Ugh.