Thursday, August 29, 2019

What Makes It Home?

I stole this post idea from Natasha because I loved it. We moved to the town we live in just over 4 years ago. We built our house expecting it to be our forever home - or at least 'until the kids are all out of high school' home. We love our little town so much, and I look forward to many decades of fun to come. Here's a small listing of some of the reasons I love our little town!

The Square

Our town was voted as having 'The Most Beautiful Town Square in Texas', and it is one of our favorite places to hang out! There's a parade at Christmas and in the spring with the Red Poppy Festival, lots of random festivals, great restaurants {my favorite in the world is on the square, called Blue Corn Harvest}, fun bars, just so much to do!

Hula Cowgirl

Is it weird that one of my favorite things in our town is a snow cone place? One of my absolute favorite places to go! Their snow cones are out of this world, and they make a bunch of desserts, homemade popsicles, and have an amazing concoction which is a snow cone and ice cream blended together. I die.

Garey Park

We have an insanely awesome park. Huge splash pad, several playscapes, zip lines, open space - we love going! There's also fishing and horseback riding, but we've yet to try those. I love going because even when it's insanely hot, we have the splash pad to cool us off. Plus lots of covered areas where we can rest and eat snacks! It's a great place to meet friends and let the kids play while the moms chat.

RBC Friends

Where we especially lucked out is having 2 sets of our best friends living within .5 miles of us in the neighborhood. Our weekends largely revolve around hanging out with these peeps. Riley and Kelby are brothers who grew up in Pflugerville - they even had my mom as their PE teacher - but moved away years ago - and they are both just enough younger that I didn't know them then. When we started hanging out after college, Kelby was dating Karin and after they got married she worked for Deloitte for a few years with me! Then Riley married Susie who was a college roommate to another close friend, Dez. Brent and Riley also work together along with Dez's husband, Derek. We're trying to recruit them to the neighborhood too! {grin} Kelby even made us a YouTube playlist of all our favorite songs. Susie and I work out together, the kids all play together, we get drinks at the clubhouse, we go out together {or stay in together}, Susie/Karin/I have a 'sip and stroll' routine - just so much fun together!

Riley & Susie ~ Allena & Brent ~ Karin & Kelby

My ladies!

Swimming at Karin and Kelby's

Country Club

This ties together closely with our RBC friends. We love doing things in our neighborhood or at the country club. Our golf cart is one of my favorite purchases - we will take up to the clubhouse for drinks/dinner, we participated in our 4th of July parade in the neighborhood, it makes it so easy to get to the pool. PLUS obviously we love all the activities - Brent is a huge golfer, and he takes Trent a lot, there are events, and I think we're going to attempt tennis lessons for the kids next summer - eek!

The Kids' Schools

I feel so blessed to have found the 2 schools our kids go to. Brent even texted me yesterday 'You love school.' Yup, I do, and I especially love these schools! I have made friends, the kids are happy, the environments are so amazing, I could go on and on, but these are a huge piece of why I love our town.

This post was so hard to write because as I looked through pictures I thought of more things I wanted to discuss or more pictures I wanted to post! I finally had to just say 'I'm done!' {grin} The only things missing from my little town are my sister - she moved from here almost 3 years ago and I'm still sad - and my BFF - who says they might retire here haha.

One last story - last fall, I saw 2 older ladies walking in the neighborhood and I told Susie about seeing them and called them 'cute, old ladies' and said I could see that being us in 30 years. Trent was there and said 'Yeah, sounds about right except for the cute part!' HA! He's such a stinker, but I do look forward to many, many more years of making great memories in our town!


Kathryn Bagley said...

Great post! I want to live in a town like that :)

Emily said...

The only thing Adam likes about the south is that the golf cart community. It simply does not exist up here, even for neighborhoods surrounding golf clubs. It's too cold too often and the infrastructure just isn't there for it. It looks like so much fun - transporting oneself around in a golf cart - but we would have to move several states south to get that!