Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Dell Match Play 2019

For the second year in a row, I got to go to the Dell Match Play! We have had such a fun time going, and I'm so glad Dell signed another contract to keep the tournament in Austin - more years of going in our future!

This was also an exciting weekend because Paige SPENT THE NIGHT AT MY PARENTS'! She is the best baby ever...except when it comes to sleep anywhere but her bed, and the grandparents have been scared to have her stay over. So Brent cashed in his 2019 Christmas present from my parents and asked them to do it. My mom said yesterday she was glad Brent pressed them to do it and get over their fear!

Not a great picture of me but love this view!

Tiger Woods played this year!

Rory McIlroy

And that was the extent of the golf watching that I did, ha. Lots of eating, drinking, and chatting with my girlfriends the rest of the day.

Friends {Both of these ladies are in book club with me}
Jennifer~Susie {also my neighbor}~Me

Everyone we came with

After the tournament, we went to our hotel, got cleaned up and went to dinner. And then half of us walked to a bar nearby and sat at a table next to Tim Riggins...well, technically Taylor Kitsch. If anyone is a fan of Friday Night Lights, you'll know who I'm talking about. I have only seen like 3 episodes - which is funny given then filmed it in Austin and used my high school and hometown as the 'town' and based their uniforms on my HS teams...but I've not finished the show. BUT Susie LOVES the show, so she was freaking out that we sat beside him for hours ha. Never spoke to him or anything but took shady stalker pictures. {grin}

The next morning, Susie needed to work, so we all went to Starbucks to have breakfast. The boys left after awhile to go to a bar - they couldn't hang in Starbucks for too long. I read a book while Susie worked, so it was heavenly ha.

Had to document Brent's first trip inside a Starbucks!

We stayed in Austin most of Friday and then headed to our side of town in the afternoon and ate dinner and watched basketball and then went to another friend/neighbor's house...and things got a little silly.

Taking shots...and not milk shots...but I don't remember what they were.

We stayed up way later than we should have, so sleeping in on Saturday wasn't quite as fabulous as I hoped originally. BUT when we got the kids, we found out Paige had done really great and was so proud of herself for sleeping at Babs and Pops like the big kids do! She didn't fall asleep until after 11:00 and was up at 7:00 but slept through the night once asleep! Yay!

Not enough sleep makes for car sleeping!

And that was our great adventure with this year's Dell Match Play. Can't wait to go again!!


Natasha said...

My only takeaway from this post is that BRENT HAS NEVER BEEN INSIDE A STARBUCKS?!?!? What the what!?!?!?!

Also, way to go on the sleeping Paige!

Emily said...

Adam was intently invested in this tournament until Tiger was beat by a nobody and then he didn’t care as much, ha. I’m like you in that I do enjoy in-person golf tournaments but moreso for the other perks like food, beer, and away from the kids lol

Kathryn Bagley said...

Brent looks thrilled about starbucks! Looks like yall had tons of fun!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

OH and so glad about Paige! Now they can have more sleepovers..ha!