Friday, April 15, 2016

DITL: April 2, 2016

When Julia announced it was time for another Day in the Life post, I was really excited to document the very next day. I knew it was going to be a busy, fun day. I didn't take the best notes this day {ugh}, but here's our day!

**********************Saturday, April 2, 2016**********************

Brent and Allena are 35 {although 36 is looming next month for B}
Trent is 6.75
Drew is 3.2

6:15am - Brent comes to our bed after falling asleep last night on the couch. He does this a couple nights a week. I like our couch but not that much!

6:45am - Drew comes into our room. Ugggggh, she is a disaster at bedtime right now which creates early wake-ups. 

7:15am - Trent comes into our room. Drew starts to get loud and silly, and Trent tells her 'put a can on it'. {grin} We play and snuggle. 

I tried to get a pic of the kids playing. This is all I got.
Our sheets were in the dryer. #classy

7:30am - Drew needs to go to the bathroom so off comes her diaper and she goes into her bathroom to use her little duck potty.

My view in the morning:
Halo & Star Wars men waging war, Spelling homework, Goldie & Gil 2.0

7:45am - We let the kids watch a few movies. We're going to my parents for a family party - late for Easter but also for all the April birthdays in the family.

8:00am - I get ready. Wearing my hair curly today because...lazy.

9:15am - I need to go to Target, and Brent needs to go Dick's Sporting Goods, so we split the kids {I get Drew, he gets Trent}, and we divide and conquer.

9:20am - Talk to my sister.
9:35am - Talk to my mom. Can you tell we have a family get-together?
9:40am - Arrive at Target! Drew tells me 'I like mushrooms on soup and tiaras.'

This girl wants me to hold her. 
So the place where the child goes has stickers and my clutch. Sigh.

10:20am - Leave Target, stop at our bank to get cash out and get gas.
10:30am - Arrive at my parents. Drew immediately needs to investigate what is going on in Pops' garden. She can't wait for the tomatoes to be ready, but we've still got a few more weeks. They pick some spinach for her to eat. She loves her Pops and his garden!

'Watering' the garden

I only share this picture to show off her cute t-shirt. 
Spoiler alert: She goes through a lot of outfit changes!
Face injury is due to crashing into the wall.

Hi Mom!

B&T beat us here, and T is posted up playing with action figures.

Drew found some gum my aunt brought and is excited she gets to eat some.

My mom loves oils too!

11:15am - Me, my mom, Drew, and my cousin's daughter {Bella} walk to a garage sale in the neighborhood. Just like when I was 14, I'm ready to go in 5 minutes {or less} but Mom needs about 15 to scope everything out.

11:45am - Start cooking for our late lunch and visit with my aunts.

12:00pm - Brent leaves to go to another party - we have 3 to go to today!

Got a family pic out of him before he left!
{Drew is in shirt #2}

1:00pm - The Patnodes arrive! My kids are beyond excited their cousins are here!

These 2 have so much fun together and are hilarious to watch.


Drew decided the chicken needed to lay an egg!

See? Now they have no pants on! Hilarious.

Yummy queso - omg this is the best queso ever - you need this recipe

Cutie pie almost 5 year old!

Drew loves her Uncle David

We didn't make the babies nap, but we got them to rest a little before they turned silly.

Busy cooking in the kitchen!

3:30pm - We had another party to go to for a girl in Drew's class. I originally was going to leave Trent at my parents' house because I knew that he would have fun at the party because these people always go overboard but he didn't want to go. Well, he was not being a good listener. He wasn't being bad, he was just being a 6.5 year old NUTS boy. But when I told him he couldn't stay he had a massive meltdown. Ugh, it was the worst.

3:50pm - We finally leave for the party {which started at 3:30}. Trent and I both calm down, and we have a good discussion in the car about the poor choices he made and the consequences of those actions.

4:15-6:30pm - We PARTY! Both kids had a great time! It was a Frozen party, and when we got there, Elsa was there! This family lives in our neighborhood, so it was super convenient, and then Trent was happy because a girl from his class was there because her little sister was also invited.

Making wands with Elsa. Notice that Drew is wearing new shorts. {outfit #3}

Cute food!

Trent's idea of 'building a snowman' was to just eat the marshmallows.

He looks like a giant here!

Snow in April in Texas!!! {grin}

Sled races

Snowball fight - not sure Elsa signed up for this one.

Happy birthday Brooklyn!!!

6:35pm - Arrive home. We are about to have neighbors. Framing is up for starting the foundation!

6:45pm - I throw both kids in the shower immediately. They played hard and were nasty!

6:45pm - Showers are over. 

T gets his pajamas on and decides he wants to write in his new journal. He is obsessed with the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, and we got him the matching diary. He likes to write in it and draw pictures, just like Greg. So cute.

6:55pm - Drew is tired - no nap and 2 parties plus lots of junk food, so I go ahead and get her into her bed to read.

7:05pm - Drew comes out {only once!} because she needed to give Bubba 'a kiss and a hug'. My mommy heart exploded.

7:20pm - Trent is behind on his spelling homework for the week, so we do a little bit of that.

7:25pm - Mama deserves a glass of wine!

I didn't take any notes or pictures for the rest of the night {oops}, but I'm sure Trent and I read for a bit, then he went to bed, and then I probably watched TV and read The Nightingale and went to bed probably around 11:00pm. I'm pretty predictable!

And that was our spring DITL edition. These are a lot of work but so much fun!


Erika said...

So fun!! Also, we are twins because I have that navy/white Old Navy top too! And also, now I really want to eat queso!

Kathryn Bagley said...

That Elsa party looked super fun!

the blogivers said...

I'm with Erika... mmm, queso...