Monday, August 31, 2009

Grow Baby Grow - 2 Months

We had Trent's 2 month well check today. He got 2 sad! But he is otherwise healthy as a horse and growing like a weed.

Weight: 13 pounds, 2 ounces (75-90%)
Length: 23 1/4 inches (50-75%)
Head circumference: 40 1/2 cm (50-75%)
Conclusion: A BIG boy!! :)

He is really smiling and talking up a storm - which I love. He also loves to stand up and gets frustrated when his legs aren't strong enough to hold him up for as long as he wants to be standing. He has started to grab things (his hair, my hair), and he loves his bouncy seat (and talking to the lion on the seat). He still hardly ever cries and sleeps for about 7 hours at night (from about 9-4) - yes, I know I am a lucky mom!!


Heather said...

Allena!! In the midst of my computer maddness...I've misplaced all email addresses. Will you email me...still want to see you and your babe! Hugs!