Saturday, August 1, 2009

Going Green

I have been a little slow on starting my green diapering, but give a new mom a little bit of time to start to feel like her old new self again... Brent thought I had given up on my goal to cloth diaper, but I haven't! We started Trent on the 'g' diapers, and so far it's going great!

I love that it's almost like a monogram on his little bum! :) (You know I am obsessed with monograms after all!)

P.S. - It is hard to take cute/creative pictures by yourself, but hopefully I'll get smarter as he gets older. Could he BE any cuter?? I think not! Don't you just love his little beer milk gut?


Anonymous said...

You are a brave mommy. I had a friend tell me about cloth diapers. She thought I should do it - mind you she has a 1 year old and hasn't done it herself!HAHA. Tell me how it goes!