Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Swaddle Me? Swaddle You!!

My husband had an innocent suggestion Monday night that has turned into an answered prayer.

Back story - I think Trent hates to be swaddled. Every night (after every feeding), I get him back in his swaddle (we've tried regular blankets, the SwaddleMe blanket and doubling up with 1 of each), and he fights that swaddle trying to get his hands free. Before he was born, I read a ton of books that all recommended swaddling and all said that some babies fight it but they all really love it. Well, until you see your child straining and grunting to get his hands free, that statement seems really logical. At 4:00 AM, it makes you want to cry. And when it takes an extra hour to get your child makes you want to go insane. I couldn't figure out what to do, but I figured we'd just have to endure the fight until he 'didn't need it' anymore.

Cut to Monday night: I needed to mail some thank you notes, and our mailbox is about 2 blocks away, so Brent suggested we put Trent in the stroller and go for a walk. After about 10 minutes, Trent fell asleep in the stroller and stayed that way for 2 hours. The lightbulb went off! I have heard of babies sleeping in the swings and car seats but hadn't thought to try it. Trent has now successfully slept in his car seat 2 nights in a row without a swaddle. I'm trying to not get my hopes up that this is all we needed, but I can't help it!! He slept for almost 5 hours straight last night in it too!!

Any other suggestions of places your babies have slept? I ordered the Miracle Blanket as another swaddling blanket, but I'm open to any and all suggestions for having a happy, SLEEPING baby.


Hanna said...

My youngest cousin slept in the car seat for almost two months because that's where she felt most safe, comfortable, who knows? My aunt said she kind of felt bad about it, but Hayley (my cousin) seemed to like it and it allowed my aunt and uncle to sleep too. Car rides and stroller rides are also great ideas from what I've heard and experienced with my friends who've got little ones.

Anonymous said...

The swing is my favorite. Jillian slept in there from the beginning. She still takes her naps there. She was not a fan of the swaddle either and wanted her arms free. We used a swaddle blanket just on her legs to give her a little security, but have the freedom of moving her arms. It worked up until we tried to transfer her to her crib. But she's also almost 4 months, and I've heard that babies are ready to transition out of the swaddle at that point. Good luck!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

Macey slept in her swing A LOT in the early stages

Val said...

Both Holt and Adly slept in their swing for naps and Holt in his carseat at night...forever. Holt slept in the carseat per Dr's orders...reflux baby! It was the only comfortable thing that made him stay asleep! Around 4 months is when they start to make nap schedules of their that point you can start to worry about putting him in his crib. For now, do what works!! It'll all work out in the end...he won't go to Kindergarten w/ his swing!!
I am a major book reader...all things baby/kid consume my house. It's a little obesessive, but I love it. My favorite book for sleep is The Sleepeasy Solution. My friend recommended it after she used the authors (in her CA home) to sleep train her first child. It is the best!! For ages 0-5.
By the way, Trent is precious!!