Friday, February 23, 2024

Five on Friday

I had several bits of randomness to share, so I thought it was high time for a Five on Friday!


After talking about it for over a year, we finally bought our new couch to start our living room redecorating! We've had our previous couch for 16 years, so it was definitely time.

There is still a lot to do to totally revamp the living room - nothing is staying! And with it we're redoing the playroom to 'mature' it up a little bit - it was still very toddler/young kid focused and not a space for teens and pre-teens. It's a little overwhelming but also very exciting.


I went to a Galentine's party and got my first permanent jewelry! I got 2 bracelets and am loving them. I wear 90% silver-toned jewelry but do throw some gold in there so wanted to have a little of both. I think I want to do a necklace too!


I've been hearing for over a year now that 'sitting is the new smoking' and have felt really bad about how much I sit every day. We've only had our office furniture for a few years, so we aren't in the market to revamp the office, but I wanted to find a way to stand more throughout the day. So I bought a little contraption off Amazon that enables me to stand and work during the day. I'm aiming for 30 minutes out of every hour and some days are better than others, but I'm definitely standing more throughout the day, yay! {Writing this post standing too!}


You know what's super fun when you're selling over 1,000 boxes of Girl Scout cookies? Driving over a case of them!

Crushed boxes, ugh.

But when the world gives you lemons, make lemonade...or a trifle with cookies! I googled recipes made with Girl Scout cookies and found so many options. I made this to take to book club, and it was absolutely delicious!


Guess whose youngest nephew started smiling?! And is turning into a butterball like all of his siblings? You guessed it, Sawyer! He is so sweet, and we all love him so much.