Sunday, March 26, 2023

Currently: Spring Has Sprung!

Current Book

A trifecta of books! 
Little Women {#1} and The Red Tent {#7} were in my oldest 10 on Goodreads
The Measure I'm reading for my in-person book club - it was my turn to pick!

Current Song

Just a Cloud Away - Pharrell Williams
This is both a jazzercise and yoga song, love it!

Current TV Show

Brent and I just finished season 1 and both loved it!

Current Podcast/Audiobook

This is very creepy and good if you like true crime podcasts.
Bonus {maybe?} that it's set in Texas!

Current Drink

I've been having a calorie-free, nonalcoholic love affair with this!
It's great for making a low-cal Moscow mule.

Current Food

I am having a love affair with hominy and parmesan green beans, ha.
They are green and yellow category foods in Noom and I can't get enough!
I owe y'all an update on Noom soon - 5 weeks in and going well.

Current Shame-Inducing Pleasure

Probably the amount of time I spend {and enjoy!} in my Noom app.
The other day Brent asked me if I had anything else to talk about ha.
I don't find it cumbersome to use and it's fun to track all the things.
This fits my accountant/math/nerd side perfectly.

Current Outfit

I did GRIT and Body Balance {yoga} this morning.

Current Celebrity Crush

Y'all know I'm slow to get to everything, but I'm really excited to watch this.
I've always thought Sam Claflin was so cute, curious to see him as Billy!

Current Mood

I love my kids, but I have had almost zero friend time in the last few weeks,
and I'm feeling a bit burned out.
Luckily, I have 3 events in the next week where I will be around adults, yay!
A CAbi clothing party, book club, and a Broadway musical.
Bring it on!!!!

Current Anticipation

I'm going to get the kids in the bluebonnets this week for a picture!

The bluebonnets were so amazing in 2020, 
and this year is giving 2020 a run for its money!

Current Wishlist

I've been debating Easter dresses and need to get something purchased soon!
Our church isn't super fancy, but I like to get something new for some reason.
The girls won't be wearing Eleanor Rose dresses this year, and I'm so bummed.
Drew was 0% willing to do it, ha. But they'll still be cute!

Current Movie

A co-worker and I are going to go see this next month!

Current Picture

Somebody didn't slumber at her slumber party! {grin}


Kathryn Bagley said...

oh goodness that last pic of Drew! ha! NO thank you on Grit :) Les Mills is doing a 10 day bootcamp-30 minute classes if you can sign up on the app! It's been good so far! On day 3

Joanne said...

I really enjoyed Daisy Jones and The Six (and I wasn't a huge fan of the book at all; somehow seeing it in person worked better for me than the interview format).