Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Our Progressive Halloween

Oh my gosh! Even though we had such a different Halloween this year, WE HAD SO MUCH FUN!

We decided we would do a 'progressive' style Halloween since we weren't sure if Trick or Treating would be happening. We had activities planned at Karin and Kelby's house, our house, and Riley and Susie's house.

First, we went to Karin and Kelby's and had snacks and the kids painted rocks with glow-in-the-dark paint. Karin also bought 3 pumpkins to hide at each house and the finder would get a prize. Karin also made a themed drink of witches brew {lime sherbert and vodka mainly ha}.

Karin and I bought these tanks together 2 years ago, so of course we had to match.

The kids! {Drew was at a friend's house for a few hours.}

Susie's best friend, Angie, came into town with her husband and daughter, Julianne.
Paige kept calling her Juliet because of Love Story by T. Swift ha!

At our house, we had a pinata stuffed full of candy. We ordered pizza and sat outside while the kids played, ate candy, and the dads watched football. My kids all protested their costumes {I was SUPER annoyed}, but I got them to wear them long enough for a picture. I failed in getting a picture of our family, ugh.

Susie made ghosts out of blow pops and toosie roll pops and hid those around her yard for the kids to hunt. We also had another neighbor hook up a hay ride, so we hopped on and rode around doing a little trick or treating and riding. We also had pumpkin spice white russians and they were delicious!

Photo-bombing Trent and Jaxon on the hay ride. And look at that moon!

We really had such an amazing time - I don't want to go back to just trick or treating ever again! {grin}


Emily said...

I agree this was the best halloween ever. Our neighborhorhood coordinated tables/blankets at the end of the driveways so kids could walk around safely and see people from a distance. There were so many driveway parties and it was such a fun time. We are hoping to keep this going way past COVID!

Natasha said...

We did trick or treating at shops in our uptown and Dave commented that it felt like a Hallmark movie festival. So that was a BIG win!!!

Kathryn Bagley said...

This sounds way better than trick or treating! Who says you can't have fun during COVID?!