Tuesday, July 14, 2020

School Woes

Guys I need to just whine for a little bit. I know that in the grand scheme of things my worries about what our fall will look like is very small. But it is so stressful too!

We have filled out 2 surveys so far this summer {with a 3rd one expected soon} about our plans for the fall. So far, we have said both times we want to send our kids to school full-time. I have no idea if that's the right answer, but the below graphics really describe the complex emotions I am feeling. 

It is difficult to be a full-time employee and a full-time mom, and during the day I find myself getting frustrated when the kids 1) act like kids, 2) need things...like food and attention, 3) make messes, 4) try to engage with me when I'm on a call, etc. I also get frustrated with myself for using screen time so much as a crutch and not getting them more active during the day.

The flip side of that is the guilt over whether it is safe to send them back to school or not. Teachers will be on the front-line of this virus - they will be the ones trying to keep the students apart, keep masks on, dealing with them at the end of the day if they can't go outside or have recess or PE, worrying about their health and their students health. 

Add to this that I don't feel equipped to be their teachers - there are not enough hours in the day for work and school and physical activity and let's not mention socialization!

I know this is fuzzy, but this really nails it.

Will this ever seem normal? I hope not!

I should have just uploaded this graphic instead of typing this post, huh? {grin}

This one literally made me laugh at loud.
It's better to laugh than cry, right???


Kathryn Bagley said...

It is def a cluster! I have no clue what the best option is either (and I'm not a parent). I think of the single working parents of littles and what are they supposed to do if their kids don't go back to school? When covid started most everyone was at home but now that things are opening back up people have their jobs back so what are they supposed to do? I guess it's no different than if it were summer but now you add the learning component and it takes a whole different turn. I feel for you friend! BUT Kelly is a school teacher so there's that!!

Emily said...

I love that pinwheel graphic; it’s perfect description of covid parenting woes. We were just talking about this at the pool where most of my friend group is SAHM and the only one who isn’t a SAHMis a school therapist who can afford to quit her job (and probably is going to given the situation). We were talking about the concerns and uncertainty around schools reopening but also acknowledging that as non working mothers we are immensely privileged to not have this be a burden. I am sorry you have all this to deal with. Honestly, I’m mad at America that we couldn’t get our act together. Other countries figured out how to cope but us? We are a hot mess.

Natasha said...

We don't have clear answers on schools yet and it could be really interesting because, if the schools are open full-time, but the kids can't attend full-time, it could the first time ever where Dave is having to work from home with the kids around. If I can go back that is... I just want to have some answers and certainty and this virus/pandemic time provides NONE of that :(

And all those graphics are spot on.