Thursday, May 23, 2019

May Celebrations!

The end of school can be kind of exhausting, but it can also be a lot of fun. 

We had Paige's end of year party on Saturday, and it was so weird - she got crazy shy and wouldn't look at anyone and had her head buried into my shoulder. This is the girl who gets upset on holidays that she doesn't get to go to 'cool. [Sidebar: In the car yesterday, she told me she had a substitute, Ms. Donna, who has been subbing at her school for years. I asked her 'Do you like Ms. Donna?' She replied very quickly with 'No.' When I asked her why, she said 'I just like Ms. Krystin and Ms. Crystal better.' How cute is that?!]

We also celebrated Brent's birthday over the weekend! Because his birthday was Saturday, I didn't do a cheesy blog post dedicated to him, but everything I said last year still holds true. {grin} We didn't plan anything so ended up going to dinner with some friends, Karin and Kelby.

We then went back to their house after {we can see their front yard from our front yard - love our neighborhood gang} for a celebratory glass of scotch {Karin and I both had to add a TON of water and choke it down}.

When your neighbors know you really well!

When you spill your really expensive scotch. Get it, Karin! {grin}

I went on a field trip with Trent's class Tuesday - they got 2 days of field trips this week as rewards for all their hard work on the STAAR test. We went to Inner Space Cavern where I took the kids over the summer. I enjoy getting to spend time with T during the day - he is actually affectionate with me in these settings and I love that!

Then yesterday we had Drew's Bridging Ceremony! It was a very quick ceremony but was so special as our little Kindergarten princess gears up for elementary! She was so excited and has been counting down the days for at least a week.

Moving on Up!

She wouldn't put on the cap & gown another mom brought. Sigh.
But still so adorable!

Paige is done with school on Friday, and the big kids go until Thursday next week. Paige also starts her swim lessons Tuesday for 2 weeks so the end of May/early June are going to continue with the craziness!