Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Drew's 6th Year

My middle baby and first daughter is SIX!!!! I have spent a lot of time over the last week or so thinking about the past 6 years and Drew as a baby and Drew as a growing girl, and I'm feeling very nostalgic!

Posing on her 6th birthday!

Height: 42.5" {10%}
Weight: 37.4 pounds {10%}
BMI: 14.6 {31%}
Clothes size: largely 5T, some 4T or 6s
Shoe size: 11

Drew continues to be our sweetest, most tender-hearted child. She amazes me on a regular basis with the kind things she is constantly doing for her siblings, Brent, me, her friends, etc. She is just pure sweetness.

She moved to Goodwater this year from our old Montessori school {where she has been since 14 months} and is doing great. She is a leader in the class, and her teacher comments on how much she can be trusted to do things. She is SO CLOSE to reading. She can sound things out really well and can put most words together but her 'brain starts to hurt' after a few sentences. She has made a few close girlfriends and it's so cute to hear her stories every day. She really loves school.

Drew is a great big sister. She loves to help me with Paige but sometimes mothers her a little too much. They can go from having a great time to Paige losing her mind pretty fast! Drew would play with Trent anytime he'd let her, but typically she annoys him too much. {grin}

She has zero ability to be teased. I am a very sarcastic person who loves to joke around, so I have to be careful with her - I can really easily hurt Drew's feelings.

Drew really loves Lego Friends and Hatchimals right now. She also loves to do anything with arts & crafts and is enjoying all the Play-Doh Paige got for Christmas. She loves to snuggle, be read to, and help me in the kitchen.

She is still largely my girly one and loves to wear dresses with bikers or leggings. She loves sandals but hates for me to fix her hair. She likes it 'flat'. Sometimes I can get a bow in her hair. Super frustrating for me because I would love nothing more to do french braids every day for her!

Drew is still a great eater. She doesn't like tomatoes as much as she used to but will grudgingly eat them. She loves broccoli, cooked carrots, peas & corn, and most fruit. 

By 6, Trent had lost 3 teeth and Drew has lost none and doesn't even have any that are wiggly. So curious when she'll start to lose them! She is growing out her hair - she wants it to look like Rapunzel's.

We just started ballet after stopping gymnastics in November. They kept saying they were going to move her up classes and didn't the whole summer, so frankly I think she got bored. I told her she has to stick with ballet at least through the recital in June since we're locked into the fees for that, ha. Given her size, she'd be a perfect ballerina, so we'll see what happens. She's not competitive at all, and hasn't really enjoyed soccer the 2 times she played, so we'll see if we try again or another sport.

We really lucked out with our #2 - 5 was a great year for her, and I can't wait to see what is in store for her this year!!


Natasha said...

Awwww... I loved reading more about Drew! She sounds like an amazing kid!

Emily said...

What a peanut. Hard to imagine 10% when both my boys are 90+%. I love that she loves lego friends. I don’t see the appeal of hatchimals but whatever. Are little girls not into barbies anymore? I was obsessed but that seems to not be cool now.

Kathryn Bagley said...

She is super cute and your mini me for sure! Hope she had a wonderful birthday!